Did You Know This?

I thought I had made it to the end of the list of things I knew nothing about. However, it seems that the limits of my ignorance know no boundaries. Just what are these things?

I am guessing that North Carolina furniture is furniture in North Carolina and I am pretty sure that I am right so far. However, what, if anything, makes it different from furniture in the likes of South Carolina or Arkansas? Are the good citizens of North Carolina being offered tables and chairs which are of a far higher quality than those available elsewhere? Could this be the best kept secret in the furniture trade?

Do I need some crankshaft grinding carried out? I don’t even know whether I have a crankshaft or not, so how would I know if it was currently in an unground state?

Who is Linda Lundstrom and why would I want one of her pieces of clothing? I did some investigation and it turns out that Linda Lundstrom coats are, well, coat type objects which have been designed by a coat designer who is, err, called Linda Lundstrom. Sorry, it wasn’t a very good piece of research I did as my heart wasn’t really in it.

Who or what are hosta growers? Maybe I am wrong but I am getting a kind of laid back reggae vibe here. Close? Ok, it looks like I need to do some more research here. I discovered that these are lily type plants and at this point I sort of lost interest. I have nothing against lilies and they are certainly better to have in your garden than thorns, weeds or badgers but there is only so much I can read about them.

The world zeppelin caught my eye and I thought, “Wow, are they still making them? If they are then I’ll have two”.  So the Hindenburg disaster didn’t finish them off altogether then? Sadly I then realised that we were only looking at information on the history of these flying machines. It looks like I will never see a zeppelin soar over my head, which is a shame but probably a good thing in the long run.

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