This list contains the top deals I've found for Medical Mart Supplies. We have also written about Timber Mart, Medical Billing Software and Medical Sheepskin.
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Medical Mart Supplies

Medical Mart is a Canadian owned family company that sells brand name equipment and supplies to health care professionals. The president of the company, Robert G. West founded the company more than 30 years ago, and has since grown rapidly with now over 50,000 customers. I will provide you with the best website resources in regards to this company and one resource to avoid.

  1. Medical Mart website – As is the case for most company, their official website would be the number one resource for information on them. The reason I chose their site is because they have a very thorough website with a lot of information. They also have a list of products in their catalogues, and offer customers the opportunity to shop online. (
  2. Better Business Bureau – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a company that helps consumers make informed choices about various companies. The Medical Mart Supplies store has been given a rating of A+ by the BBB. This link will give you more information on the reasons why the company has received such a good rating. (
  3. Industry Canada website – This is a government of Canada website that provides information on companies in Canada. Medical Mart is on this list, and there is quite a bit of information on their site which is why I chose it. Also, when doing research on the company, if you are not sure about the legitimacy of the company; this could give the company more credibility. (
  4. Company Information on their Website – Although I have already mentioned their website as a great resource; while surfing their site I found the Company Info section which has a lot of information. Some of the information on this page is the contact information for the Medical Marts around the country which cater to various parts of Canada. They also have on this page: testimonials, information on the executive team, and mission and vision statements. (
  5. Bloomberg Businessweek company profile – I decided to choose this website as a resource because it has information on the company at a quick glance without needing to click through the entire website. it also has a list of similar companies which could also be resourceful when looking for more information on Medical Mart. (
  6. Profile Canada Website – This website basically has much of the same information as the above website; however I chose it because it has a link with Google Maps in order to see exactly where it is and it has more information on sales and business activity. (
  7. Medical Mart’s Twitter – Although they do not post often; when they do make posts they make quite a few giving some information about the company. I chose it because I thought there may be some interesting stuff for people looking for resources about the company. (
  8. Table describing Medical Mart – This is a table with a lot of little tidbits of information on Medical Mart’s head office in Mississauga, Ontario. I chose it because it is straight to the point and has a lot of information in one place. On this website, there is also a lot of information on other companies in the area. (
  9. Windsor Direct – I chose this one as a website to avoid because it came up fairly high in my Google search and it has absolutely no information on the company. All it seems to be is advertisement for their website; which I have still not figured out exactly when the point of it is. (

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