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Roman Blinds

“Roman blinds” during the reign of Roman Emperor Vespasian were just damp sheets hung on windows to keep heat and dust out of Roman homes. With the Roman summers in the high 90s, a wet and thick sheet for a window barrier was just fitting. Over the ages, the Roman blinds or shades have evolved in terms of materials, designs and technology. However, its usage as a heat and dust protecting sheet for homes (and offices) remains.

  1. The History of Roman Blinds: Rome, Italy was a city alive with trade and commerce in 80 A.D. Roads were unpaved so people, horses and carts traveled on cobblestones or dirt roads. At about the same time, construction in Rome was in frenzy. One can just imagine the dust and dirt kicked up by events. Wet sheets hung on windows kept some of the dust and dirt away from the locals’ homes. (
  2. The Different Types of Roman Blinds: Of course, a “Roman blind” is a Roman blind but there are different types. The difference is based on the blind’s shape, size, material and color. It must be noted that a Roman blind is not for every home. For example, a home styled in Arts and Crafts or English Countryside is not suitable setting for Roman blinds. (
  3. How to measure for Roman Blinds – LAURA ASHLEY (video): It does not take rocket science to measure a window to be fitted with Roman blinds. There are two ways to measure a window. The first method is if you wish for the blind to be fitted outside the recess and the second one is if you wish for the blind to be fitted inside the recess. Even I can do that! (
  4. 358 Roman Blinds: This website has 358 styles of Roman blinds actually used in homes. The Roman blinds featured here are varied in texture, colors. From cordless to motorized, to textile to wood, the Roman blinds presented on this website are interesting and aesthetically pleasing. (
  5. Roman Blinds: Should you wish to order customized Roman blinds, this website is very helpful. The blinds could be made using your very own material, will fit your windows to a “T”, fully-lined, hand finished, and come with a choice of cord drop, brass or chrome cleat hooks. (
  6. Roman Window Shades: This website has wide selection of customized and branded Roman Shades. The fabrics used have a drapery-feel. The materials and patterns used are unique. There are teardrop Roman blinds for elegant and formal look and there are flat-fold Roman blinds for a more modern look. You can even specify if you wish for the blinds to be insulated, filtering, darkening or sheer. (
  7. Keep It Classic With Our Roman Blinds: There are over 400 fabrics to choose from for Roman blinds material on this website. You can pick the color scheme of your blinds in natural colors, reds & oranges, whites & creams, grays & blacks, pinks & purples, browns, yellows, blues, greens and more. Materials are linen, velvet, cotton and silk. Patterns are stripes, checkers, polka dots, floral, toiles and crewels. The styles could be simple, classic or elegant. (
  8. Bamboo Roman Blinds: Roman blinds made from textile tend to be classier and more elegant. However, you can fit your home with versatile bamboo Roman blinds for a simpler and more contemporary ambiance. There are more than 1,000 bamboo Roman blinds featured and for sale on this website. They are definitely aesthetically pleasing and very affordable. I would not mind hanging some of these in my living room! (
  9. Make Your Own Roman Shades: If you are handy with scissors, needles and thread, you can have a go in making your very own Roman shades. This website has instructions on how to make three different styles of Roman blinds – classic, casual and formal. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. I think I’d like to do my own casual Roman blinds. (
  10. How to Clean Roman Blinds: If you have Roman blinds or shades, you know that they are definite dust magnets. Depending on the material of your Roman blinds, you have several options in cleaning them. You can vacuum, dry clean, spot clean and even wash them with soap and water. (

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