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Bed Comforters

Spending a third of your life is a fact. It is therefore practical that when it comes to bedding, choosing the ones that afford the most comfort is natural.  Everyone prefers to sleep on a cozy and soft bed linens and bed comforters.  A bed comforter is a type of blanket filled with insulation material such as feather and other synthetic materials, for warmth.

1.     How to Choose a Comforter: Surely choosing a comforter should be easy. When I do buy one, I make sure it’s light, comfy, matches most of my beddings and affordable. Since there are now various types, materials and fills for bed comforter, this website can help you with your choice. According to this website, you should consider the warmth level, fabric style, comforter size and fill when choosing and buying a comforter. (

2.      How to Choose Down Comforters: Whether you go for natural or synthetic-fill bed comforter depends not only on your personal preference. You should consider whether you are a cold or warm sleeper; the climate and average temperature in your location and whether your bedroom is drafty or warm.  It is best to consider the fill power, thread count and baffle box construction of a down comforter if this is your preference. (

3.  How to Choose a Synthetic Comforter: Not everyone suits a down bed comforter but worry not as you can always opt for a synthetic down comforter.  The first thing to do is consider the warmth level.  Generally, a synthetic blanket is medium-weight but is lighter, loftier and softer.  For fabric you can opt for batiste, sateen, cambric, damask cotton. (

4.   Bedding Size Chart: Standard mattress thickness is around 7 inches. When choosing a bed comforter, note that sizes of bed comforters and bedspreads vary. The most common sizes of mattresses are twin, twin XL, full or double, queen, king and California king. This website is helpful in determining the size of your bed comforter based on your bed size. If your bed is queen size (60”x80”), recommended bed comforter size is 86″ x 86″ to 86″ x 94″. (

5.      Kohl’s Comforters: This website has over 1,000 bed comforters to offer. On the left side of the page you can tick off your search preferences such as size, brand, color, age appropriateness of design, type of fill, color and special feature. Brands carried are Apt.9, Jennifer Lopez, Croft and Barrow, Laura Ashley and more. Special features include allergy relief, bedbug protection, heated, deep pocket and more. I can easily pick a JLo, down, beige, allergy relief, queen size bed comforter. (

6.     Comforters: Bed Bath and Beyond has a quite extensive choices for down and synthetic bed comforters. There are patterned bed comforters and solid bed comforters in different sizes, made of different materials, designed and manufactured by various brands. Your choices are from Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole, Manor Hill Gramercy, Modern Living, Royal Heritage and more. (

7.  Down Alternative Comforters: Macy’s offer down and down alternative comforters, lightweight, or heavyweight. The choices carry brands such as Blue Ridge, Charter Club, Martha Stewart, Home Design and Hotel Collection. The bed comforters offered are mostly of restful, solid colors. Macy’s has a more extensive line of down bed comforters, offering lightweight, medium weight and heavyweight, with additional brands Sealy and Pacific Coast Feather. (

8.    Comforter Sets:  It is always cheaper to buy comforter sets which generally include a fitted sheet, flat sheet, two pillow cases and a matching bed comforter, of course. You can choose the bed comforted set that you want by ticking off the preferences marked sizes, colors, brands and prices, styles and materials. I ticked off queen, gray, contemporary, cotton, 7-piece, Madison Park and came up with Meyer Grey bed comforter set. (

9.       Close Out Comforter Sets: There are inexpensive comforter sets on sale at this website. Most bed comforters are included in a set and are available with huge discount. One good thing about bed comforters and beddings is the fact that they stay “in style” for a long time therefore it’s a good idea to stock up on them. (

10.  Bedding Care 101: It is always great to lie down on nice, smooth and clean beddings. One way of ensuring nice, clean sheets and comforters is by regularly washing them.  Generally, it’s ideal to change and wash sheets on a weekly basis to remove dirt and dust.  Check the label for washing instructions before you decide to throw your bed linens and comforter in the washer. Keep newly washed sheets and comforters in a cool and dry closet. (

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