Make Today a Special Day

curtainSome days just drift by without anything special happening, don’t they? This is what yesterday was like for me, so I decided to see if there was any way of making today a bit more memorable.

Shower curtains aren’t the kind of bathroom accessories which usually get the pulse racing but I saw the other day that you can blood splattered ones which make you think that you are getting showered in the house of Norman Bates. I guess that you probably get used to this after a while but at first it must be an invigorating way to start the day.

You could also spruce up your life with some Italian chandeliers. These must seem pretty exotic. Unless you are Italian. I have never bought a set of chandeliers in my life and it would be a rather exciting thing to do. I reckon that I would feel rather dapper and elegant if I were to buy some Italian chandeliers, evne if they were really cheap ones on sale. Buying sometihng new like this can really make it feel like a special day.

hairTrying out some new hair colors would be another nice way to make the day more interesting. I think that hairdressers should offer a mystery option with which you don’t know what colour or style you are going to walk away with. This would mean tying to avoid a mirror for as long as possible and enjoying the tingly sensation of having no idea what your barnet is like. I like this idea a lot.

Alternatively, I could get my house covered in wall art stickers to give it a different and more exciting look. Actually, my little girl has also taken care of this aspect of our home’s decoration. I am not sure that Strawberry Shortcake and Barney the Dinosaur are really what you need for a classy home look but, to be honest, she sticks these sticks on the wall faster than I can peel them off again.


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