This list contains the top deals I've found for Wall Art Stickers. We have also written about Vinyl Wall Art, Monogram Stickers and Personalized Wedding Stickers.
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Wall Art Stickers

Sprucing up a room with beautiful art work is no longer taxing. There is now a myriad of wall art stickers available in home depot everywhere. The choices are quite extensive, from simple border wall art sticker to complicated murals of varied themes. Vinyl wall stickers were originally used for sign making. Today, wall art stickers are now part of an interior decorator’s portfolio and a favorite amongst DIY home decorators.

  1. What are the different types of Wall Stickers?: The most common type of wall art stickers is the wall border stickers. Used to emphasize and beauty plain painted walls (or even wallpapered walls), borders are affordable and easy to apply. Other types of wall art stickers are vinyl cut-outs with removable back peel with adhesive for easy application. The more complicate wall art stickers are those that depict scenes or murals. (
  2. Ten Ways to Use Wall Stickers: Decorating a home has become a lot easier. A long (long) time ago, I used to stencil borders or wall art in my kid’s bedroom to make them more unique. Not anymore! Thanks to wall art stickers, I could now easily beatify any room!   The article in this website has suggestions on where you could apply wall art stickers. (
  3. How to Apply and Remove Wall Stickers and and Wall Decals: Plain walls are fine as long as there are some points on interest in the room. You can definitely apply or paste wall art stickers on the walls for a more interesting and unique look. Don’t know how to go about it? This website gives tips on how to apply and remove wall art stickers. (
  4. 274 Contemporary Wall Decals: Wall stickers are not tacky! Period! They are great addition to any room.  How easy it is to just paint a room with plain paint then make it more interesting with fitting contemporary wall art stickers. On this website are more than 250 modern wall stickers for the home. (
  5. Wall Slicks: There are over 30 pages on this website that features different types of wall art stickers for your home or office.  The themes are for boys, girls, cowboys, princess, tropics, nautical and more. The styles are in contemporary or retro, classic or traditional, country or cottage and designs from all over the world. (
  6. Wall Decals for Modern Contemporary  Décor: This website customizes vinyl wall art stickers for walls, floors, glass surfaces, car windows and other type of surfaces.  How cool is that? This website has quite an extensive range of tree wall stickers, wedding wall stickers, bird wall stickers and custom-name wall stickers and other themes which come in sizes from small to extra large. (
  7. Wall Quote Stickers: You don’t have to limit yourself into using wall art stickers with designs of objects. This website offers text quotes as wall art stickers. Famous quotes in various colors, fonts and sizes are available.(
  8. Wall Murals: Though pieces of wall art stickers are fine for decorating a wall, some areas in the house (or workplace) would look better if wall art mural is applied. Application is quite easy. Some require you to use wallpaper paste while there are designs with peel back adhesive. Since this piece of wall art sticker is quite big, make sure you have someone to help you in the application. Wall murals are themed as: contemporary graphics; famous art works; landscapes; nature; sea life; words and objects and more. (
  9. Custom Sticker Design: So you want your wall art sticker “one of a kind”. That’s possible! You can create your very own wall art decal through this website. Note that you can only design quotes and not actual drawings. (
  10. Birds and Fish: This website has much to offer in terms of wall art sticker designs – from birds & fish to mammals & insects to nature to floral, words of wisdom and more. The designs are contemporary in colors that are attractive and not tawdry. (

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