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Fast Growing Trees

Who does not want fast growing trees in his yard? I do! Yes, most of us want fast growing trees that could grow more than 10 feet a year. Though these trees offer quick shade and beauty, it is a fact that most of these trees are prone to pests and are generally weak because of their brittle wood. What do you have to know about fast growing trees?

  1. Fast Growing Trees: These trees can shoot up to 50 feet in just a few years, may reach full maturity in 20 to 30 years, then decline rapidly. Fast growing trees are ideal for areas in need of a quick shade, private enclosure, protection from wind, soil erosion and other natural elements while waiting for slow-growing trees to develop. (
  2. Fast Growing Shade Trees: It is true that slow-growing trees are more resilient and lives longer than fast growing trees. However, there are fast growing trees that are great garden ornaments, shade or as screens. On this website are some sturdy fast growing trees such as Northern Red Oak, Freeman maple, Tulip tree and Dawn Redwood to name a few. (
  3. The Fastest Growing Shade Trees: The National Arbor Day Foundation advocates the planting of fast growing trees in your home to possibly reduce the use of coolers and heaters in your home. My small yard is filled with fast growing trees that offer excellent shade that during the hot summer months; I find little reason to turn on the air-conditioner. (
  4. Fast Growing Trees: A Hybrid Poplar will be able to offer shade to a house in three years time. The Weeping Willow is the fastest growing shade tree as it is capable of adding 8 to 10 feet in height on a yearly basis. A row of Silver Maple trees is sufficient as windbreaker.(
  5. Top 10 Fastest Growing Trees: This website features their top 10 fast growing trees. The list might be subjective as some gardeners consider the Leyland Cypress one of the trees to avoid. The other trees in the list are: River Birch; Dawn Redwood; Empress Tree; Tulip Tree; Lombardy Poplar; Sweet Gum; Willow and Japanese Zelkova. (
  6. Top 5 Fast-Growing Shade Trees: If you seriously need some fast growing trees in your yard for shade, screen or ornament, this website cites the top 5 fast growing shade trees. The Sawtooth Oak spreads out like a canopy. River Birches, Crape Myrtle Trees, Leyland Cypress and Autumn Blaze Maples are good choices. (
  7. Fast Growing Trees: On this website are more than 125 fast growing tree species in the United States. The American Elm thrives in zones 2-9 and can reach a height of 130 feet. The Autumn Blaze Maple has red foliage, is quite hardy and the fastest growing maple variety. I like the attractive red leaves of this maple tree. The Aspen-Quaking tree has unique leaves and could reach up to 50 feet high. (
  8. Shade Trees that Grow Fast and Are Sturdy: Most homeowners prefer fast growing trees in their yard for curb appeal. I appreciate the fact that I could be sitting under the shade of a fast growing tree in less than 5 years. Swamp White Oak is a rapidly growing tree that is quite hardy. The Norway Maple has a great shade and is quite sturdy. The Hackberry is quite tough and will thrive in very cold weather. (
  9. The Best Fast Growing Trees for Hot Dry Climate: Trees in the yard would definitely make the area feel and look cooler. If you live where the sun is always high and hot, there are some fast growing trees suitable for planting. The Chitalpa tree is drought-tolerant. The Chinese Elm will thrive with less water. The Desert Willow is also drought-tolerant. (
  10. Fast Growing Trees to Avoid: It is a fact that fast growing trees are weak, prone to diseases and pests, has a short life span and invasive roots. However, there are fast growing trees that are more undesirable than most fast growing trees. This website has a short list of the fast growing trees to avoid: Walnut; Sycamore; Mulberry and more. (

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