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Creepiest Trees on Earth

Trees are beautiful creations. There are more than 100,000 species of trees the world over – evergreens, flowering and fruit trees, tall trees, short trees and anything in between. Trees are known to have existed for the past 370 million years and men certainly made good use of these trees.  There are trees that are quite spectacular because of their looks.  Mother Nature “molded” them differently as they look creepy if not outright scary. Here are some of the creepiest trees on earth.

  1. 30 Creepiest Trees on Earth (photos): The photos of creepy-looking trees on this website were taken from different countries. Though the trees started out as normal-looking tree, various conditions could have morphed them to look like horror-movie-quality trees. From the screaming tree, to the alligator-eyed, face on tree, poodle-looking tree, these trees are indeed creepy! (
  2. 8 of the Creepiest Trees on Earth (photos): A gnarled old oak tree certainly has its own creepiness level but this is probably nothing compared to the photos of these weird-looking trees.  There’s the demented apple tree in Montreal, Canada. There’s the creepy tree that seems to stand as sentinel somewhere in Cambridge, Massachusetts. What about that creepy birch tree in Portugal with the face on an angry owl on its trunk? (
  3. The Creepiest Trees on Earth 2012 (video): No words come to mind to describe the trees featured in this video.  These creepy trees seem to be figment of my imagination! Though some of the featured trees are not exactly creepy, they certainly are weird in a unique kind of way. (
  4. 10 Strangest Trees on Earth (photos): Creepy and strange trees could be deemed the same. If it’s strange enough, it could be creepy. If it’s creepy, then it’s strange!  The El Arbol de La Sabina’s branches grew down instead of up.  The largest cashew tree in the world covers an area of 8,500 square meters! The Tree of Life in Bahrain is a 400 year old mesquite tree that thrives in the desert. (
  5. 10 Oldest Trees in the World (photos): A tree that is more than 4,800 years old is named Methuselah. Located somewhere in Nevada, this Bristlecone pine tree is the oldest tree in the world. Another old tree is the 4,000 year old cypress called Sarv-e-Abarkooh, found in Iran. The very old tress featured on this website might not be exactly creepy-looking but a very old tree that has stood the test of time is creepy enough for me! (
  6. Deadwood: 30 Scary, Creepy & Bizarre Trees (photos): Trees are wonderful and beautiful creations. However, some trees do look frightening, menacing and creepy. The trees featured on this website are all of the above. Some of the trees here even have “faces” that only a mother could love! (
  7. Strange Trees from Around the World (photos): The trees featured on this website are strange and out of the ordinary. Though some of the featured trees were “sculptured” by talented arborists,   most of the trees featured here are natural. (
  8. Bizarre and Strange Trees From Around the World (photos): The Divi-Divi tree found in Aruba is called the bowing tree. Why? Well, no tree grows quite straight in Aruba due to the trade winds. Canada’s Burmis tree is unique as it is still standing despite being dead since the 1970s! The Tetrameles nudifloras from Cambodia is weird and creepy as it grows on buildings. (
  9. Trees of Terror (photos): The oak trees on featured on this website are quite terrifying.  One tree looks like a grumpy old woman about to charge. Another oak tree looks like one of those scary giant trees in Lord of the Rings. Another tree in Suffolk looks like a screaming banshee! (
  10. Scary Trees: The trees feature on this website might not be exactly creepy but the lighting and angle of the trees when photographed made them look sinister enough. I love trees and have nothing against them but I’d think twice before I have one of these scary, creepy trees in my backyard. (

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