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Bonsai Trees

Bonsai is a Japanese art form of growing miniature trees planted in pots. The idea is not about growing dwarf plants but more on potting, cultivating, pruning, root reduction, defoliating and grafting traditional woody-stemmed shrubs and trees.  The art of Bonsai has been in existence for thousands of years. Though the Japanese were the ones credited for propagating Bonsai, it was actually the Chinese who first conceptualized Penzai.

  1. An Introduction to Bonsai: Bonsai is combination of art and horticulture. There are several myths regarding tattoos and two of which are that Bonsai trees are dwarfed plants and that they are cruelly treated to be kept small. This website has extensive information about Bonsai trees – its history, styles and techniques. (
  2. Types of Bonsai Trees: Though a tree is supposed to grow in its natural shape, a Bonsai tree can be trained into a shape that is more aesthetically pleasing. Bonsai trees can be classified in its straight and natural form called Chokkan.  It can be classified as Shakan which is basically Bonsai tree in a slanting yet balanced form. Moyoghi Bonsai tree has its twists and bends.(
  3. A Guide to Growing Bonsai and Making a Bonsai for Amazing Bonsai Experience: This website has the right information on how to start growing a Bonsai plant from a starter kit or from scratches.  It has instructions on the proper way to re-pot a plant to proper care and maintenance of a Bonsai plant. (
  4. Beginner Bonsai Tree: Theoretically, all woody trees are good candidate for Bonsai planting. However, for a beginner, here is a list of trees that are recommended for new Bonsai enthusiasts. Juniper tree is highly recommended as it can be easily trained into a shape. (
  5. How to Grow Bonsai Trees : How to Plant a Bonsai Tree (video): There’s much to learn on how to plant and grow a Bonsai tree. This video will show you a simple way on how to plant and re-pot a very young tree. (
  6. Training and Shaping Bonsai Trees: There are different ways to train Bonsai plants. The most common ways are by pruning, wiring, defoliation and even the addition of rock formation.  This website has various links on the details of training and shaping bonsai trees. (
  7. Bonsai Trees for Beginners: An easy way for beginners to grow a Bonsai tree is to buy a tree that has been trained and shaped. There are Bonsai tree kits sold online and offline and it is up to you grow and care for the mini tree. Note that there are indoor and outdoor trees suitable for Bonsai. (
  8. Bonsai Care and Maintenance: It is not really hard to care for a Bonsai tree. Proper repotting, watering and fertilizing are important.  Watering the Bonsai plant depends on the species, size, location and potting of the tree. It is always safe to water the pot when the soil is a bit dry. It is also important to choose the right soil-mix and fertilizer. (
  9. Bonsai Tools: Here is a website that sells the various tools needed for Bonsai gardening. Tools like shears, root cutters, trunk splitters, root rakes, branch benders, leaf trimmers and more are available. Jin tools, used for bonsai carving are of great use to bonsai gardeners. (
  10. Bonsai Galleries: This website has links to various pages that feature photos of Bonsai trees from all over the world.  From England are Satsuki Azalea 15″ tall with a 4″ diameter trunk and Chamaecyparis 15″ tall 1″ diameter trunk. From the Philippines is a Pemphis acidula. From the United States are Pinus thunbergii/ Japanese Black Pine,  a Juniperus and Ulmus parvifolia/Chinese Elm. (

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