A Walk Down Memory Lane

Have you ever realised how simple objects can make you feel as though you are in a far off place? This is a sensation which happens to me a lot and I like to indulge myself in it as a hobby when there is nothing good on the telly. So how does it work?

First of all, when I picture a golf shirt I can see the golf course where I used to play with my dad. It wasn’t a fancy course by any means but I remember often dreaming about seeing one of my heroes like Seve Ballesteros or Sandy Lyle playing on it. Now I usually dream of playing on it again myself, as I haven’t done so in about 2 decades.

Where do the words tennis retailer lead me to? Well, when I worked in a bank in Scotland there were 2 football pitches out the back. One day a couple of us decided to play a couple of relaxing games of tennis. We got back to work about an hour late and with our faces as red as very red tomatoes. I never knew that tennis was so exhausting.

African grey parrot you say? I used to have a neighbour who had a parrot out in their garden. Even better was the house which had a monkey chained up outside it. I thought the old fellow had died by now but I just saw him the other day outside a different house. Actually, I said that I saw him but I suppose it could have been a different monkey. They all look quite similar you know.

The phrase bed extenders reminds of a funny story which happened when I was doing voluntary work in Ecuador. One of the guys offered to go and carry out some work in a local village and when he came back he was doubled over like a man 4 times his age. It turns out that the locals all slept on the wooden floor but to make him feel more welcome they built him a bed. The only problem is that it was a bare wooden bed which was exactly like sleeping on the floor anyway.

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