Reincarnation? I’ve Heard About That Before

It is some time since I heard anything about reincarnation. It was never something which I heard discussed on a daily basis but it certainly used to be a lot more commonly spoken about than it is now. So what can we say about the subject to get some debate going?

Was I a Japanese garden designer in a past life? I only ask because I find myself strangely drawn to bonsai trees even when I know that they serve no purpose whatsoever. As everyone who claims to have been reincarnated was famous in a past life then I must have been a feared samurai or (more strangely) a sought after geisha.

When it comes to closet organization ideas I am lost. Does this mean that in my previous life I was as badly organised as I am in this one? Or maybe it has something to do with karma? Perhaps I used to mess up other people’s closets in the French royal palace and this is reincarnation’s revenge on me.

When I hear the words aroma rice cooker I vividly recall those heady 12th century days when I helped build Angkor Wat. I am not claiming to have been King Suryavarman II but I like to think that I was at least a big cheese in the world of Khmer architecture. Wouldn’t it be strange if there was a carving on the temples which looked just like me?  I just had a look and there is one guy who has my nose but the rest of him isn’t all that similar.

The fact that I tend to shy away from deer resistant plants makes me think that I might have been a member of the cervidae family in a past life. In fact, I have a feeling that after building Angkor Wat, messing up the king’s underwear and tending to my bonsai trees my other life was as none other than Bambi. If you look closely at the little deer’s nose you will see that it closely resembles a carving on Angkor Wat. That’s all the evidence I need.

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