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Christmas Trees

Christmas is the most celebrated occasion in the whole world. When December comes, Christian homes are all aglow with tinsels and lights.  Decorating commercial establishments with Christmas glitters has become an annual affair with each year better than last year’s décor. A Christmas tree decked with flickering lights and colorful balls is probably the most popular of all Christmas decorations.

  1. History of Christmas Tree: During pagan time, evergreens and other plants that remain green the whole year played a significant part to ancient people during winter. It was a belief that boughs of evergreen keep out unlikely spirits and bad luck. The winter solstice which falls either on December 21 or 22, was celebrated because ancient civilization believed that the sun god is about to shine strong again. (
  2. Why Do We Have Christmas Trees?: The Ancient Romans were the first one that introduced decorating their homes with evergreen tree during winter time. This ancient tradition signified “life” in the cold months.  Though early Christians were not into it as it connoted pagan festivals, the practice of setting up evergreen tree as Christmas tree caught on over the centuries. (
  3. The First Christmas Tree: It was said that it was Martin Luther who “invented” the Christmas tree. Legend tells that one starry night in 1536, Martin Luther walked through a pine forest in Wittenberg, Germany. The starts looked like jewels glittering from among the branches of the pine trees. Luther was inspired to se6t up a fir tree with candles in his house that fateful Christmas day as a reminder of the Christ’s heavenly home: (
  4. Tree Types: There are different types of evergreen grown and sold in the United States. Cedar, fir, pine and spruce are the most common types. This website indicates some of the more popular evergreens in the United States. Click on the link to be taken to a page with photos and description of the Christmas tree. (
  5. Top 10 Choices for Christmas Tree: Looking for that perfect Christmas tree is an annual event. There are various evergreen trees for a beautiful Christmas tree and the Fraser fir is one of the top choices. This website shows the top 10 choices for a perfect Christmas tree. (
  6. Christmas Tree Types: There may be more households who are opting for plastic Christmas tree but there’s nothing better than a real Christmas tree. A real evergreen Christmas tree is fragrant, beautiful, biodegradable and recyclable.  This website has pictures of varied evergreens and simplified direction on how to stand and prep a tree. (
  7. Creative Christmas Tree Themes: Decorating a Christmas tree is traditional.  A beautifully decorated Christmas tree adds a festive mood.  You can choose traditional Christmas colors such as red, green and gold decorations or opt for fuchsia, violet or blue. Top the tree with an angel or a star. Wrap the tree in twinkling lights or add personal photos in colorful frames.  Use your creativity. Try my favorite color combination of fuchsia, gold, chartreuse and aqua blue. (
  8. Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: There’s no need to break the bank for beautiful Christmas tree decors. You can always use the ones you used last year and then just add a few new pieces. I have been using my Christmas decorations for the last 10 years and each year I spruce up my tree by buying a few new pieces to make the Christmas tree decors current in style. (
  9. Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Here are some more ideas on how to decorate your Christmas tree.  You can buy ornaments or make them yourselves. Your only limit is your imagination.  If you are not creative enough, you can always get some ideas from this website. (
  10. Classic Trees: For those who prefer to put up artificial Christmas tree, there are plenty of artificial ones such as Balsam spruce, Norway fir, Ponderosa Needle Pine tree and more. They are available in varied heights and colors. (

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