Have Fun in the Rain

I mentioned a while ago that the dry season has finished and it hasn’t stopped raining since then. Our Paraguayan Jasmines are flooded, the garden is damp and even the dog seems to have some mould on him. Still, all I can do is look for some ways to have some fun in the rain instead of complaining about it.

If you like oysters eat them, and if you really like them then grow them in your garden. It can’t be that difficult to start up an oyster farm, can it? I have a strange aversion to food which comes from the depths of the sea but if I cultivate some in my flooded flower beds it might be more appetising I guess. I might even bag a few pearls at the same time.

This is the first place I have ever lived where there is no real river. In the UK there are rivers all over the place but here the so called main waterway isn’t wide enough to even make it a challenge to jump over it. Well, that was until last week. Now it is as wide as a reasonably wide stream which is an improvement I suppose, although I can’t skip over it anymore. Anyone, they should build some boat docks and get a ferry service going from my house to the shops, as I am fed up driving there.

I don’t even know if aqua hockey pools exist here but maybe my garden could become one. If Louis from Belfast who once worked with me in the Ecuadorian rain forest is reading this then he can pop over and teach us how to play it. He said he was an internationalist at water polo for Northern Ireland and that is probably close enough to get us started on this new sport.

I got some gutters fitted through the dry season. They aren’t copper gutters but they seem to be made of the noisiest material known to man. The first time it rained this year I thought a low flying helicopter was coming in to attack us.

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  1. Mae wrote:

    Well I would have to suggest that you remain indoors for the time being. Although it may seem nice to be in the rain, fallout still falls in the rain from the Japan disaster.

    Posted 22 Nov 2012 at 5:53 pm
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