Let’s Go Back in Time

I’ve just had one of my worst mornings in years, thanks to online stuff and skype and email. Wasn’t the world a simpler place before all of this? Let’s take a step back in time together and see if this was the case.

Let’s consider paint colors for a second if we may. I can remember going as a kid to the local shop with my dad and the choice was pretty much green, yellow, red or whatever you wanted. Not now though, and I blame the internet. You can get strawberry blush, raspberry ice cream, tuna and cheese melt or any sort of weird colour you fancy. But why would you want so much choice anyway? Can you really tell the different between white and Arctic midnight hush?

Surely modern technology can’t be responsible for problems with flowering plants as well? Well I think it might be. Back in the good old days we used to simply steal plants from local parks. This was cheap, exciting and gave the park wardens something to do. Now you can buy all sorts of high faluting fancy plants on the internet without running the risk of getting hit over the head with a rake. Not very exciting, is it?

Do you even remember seeing Hello Kitty in the pre internet world? Did this cute little cat not stray outside Japan until the internet was in full swing? I just did a few seconds of research and it seems that she (he?) has been in the US since round about when I was born. Yet I didn’t know anything about the furry little creature until lately when my daughter started demanding lots of products with the cat on it. Without the internet I am pretty sure that the she would be less demanding.

Getting the best coffee maker around used to mean. well, getting one that made coffee. Now that the internet has opened my wife’s eyes she wants one which makes super duper cappuccinos with froth and sprinkly chocolate on top. To be fair, George Clooney has to share the blame on this one.

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