This list contains the top deals I've found for Hello Kitty Bedding. We have also written about Mickey Mouse Mainstreet Bedding, Crib Bedding and Minnie Mouse Bedding.
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Hello Kitty Bedding

Hello Kitty has been a favorite Japanese character for the last 38 years.  The cute white be-ribboned female Japanese bobtail cat has been on every conceivable product since its first appearance on a coin purse.  The Hello Kitty product range includes clothes, bags, stickers, school supplies, home appliances, computers – from low end to high end to rare collectibles. What “little” girl would not love Hello Kitty bedding?

  1. Hello Kitty Bedding Set: Hello Kitty has always been associated with baby pink and white. Over the last decade or so, Hello Kitty has been depicted in red, black, white and silver. This Hello Kitty bedding set is different as it’s available in the bursting colors of orange, blue and green. The coordinating set includes pillow cases, fitted and flat sheets, skirting, pillow shams and a comforter for a complete set. (
  2. Hello Kitty Smile Girls Pink Comforter Bedding Set Twin 6pcs:  Here is a more conventional Hello Kitty color-combination bedding set – pink and lavender. This color combination is a favorite amongst girls of all ages. This set includes a comforter, a sham, flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillow cases and bed skirt. (
  3. Hello Kitty Bedroom Décor Ideas: Here is an article that extols Hello Kitty.  The article gives tips on how to properly set up a girl’s bedroom to better set up Hello Kitty accessories and beddings. Know that it is best to paint the walls more neutral if you wish to decorate a bedroom with Hello Kitty items. Too colorful wall paint will definitely clash with a Hello Kitty bedding set and other accessories.  The site also offers Hello Kitty bedding sets. (
  4. Hello Kitty Bedding: This website is not really a Hello Kitty online shop but an article on this website points out to online shops that sell beautiful Hello Kitty beddings in various sizes. There is neon bedding, peace-sign bedding, a collage bedding and so on. (
  5. Hello Kitty Bedding: Target offers very affordable Hello Kitty beddings. Shopping here is quite convenient as it is online.  Individual pillow cases and blankets are also for sale. However if an item is out of stock, there’s no telling when or if it will be available.  (
  6. Hello Kitty Bedding: Nextag’s array of Hello Kitty beddings is quite extensive. There are even covers for duvet, crib sets and toddler sets.  Shopping for these items is online so it’s also very convenient for shoppers. (
  7. Hello Kitty Bedding Set for Kids: This set is different as the dominant color is yellow. Made of cotton and filled with cotton, this Hello Kitty bedding set is breathable, non-static and hypoallergenic. (
  8. Hello Kitty Double Bed: Who says adult beds could not be fitted with Hello Kitty beddings? Here is nice Hello Kitty bedding for a double bed. The pink bedding could be a bit too girly but hey! There’s a little girl in every adult woman. (
  9. Hello Kitty Bedroom Accessories: Choose fitting Hello Kitty accessories to match your beddings. There are square pillows, body pillows, wedge pillows and bolster pillows to choose.  You can also shop for Hello Kitty furniture such as armchair, set of drawers, toy box, wooden hamper, lamps and more. (
  10. Hello Kitty Garden Baby Crib Bedding Set by Lambs & Ivy: It would be fun for a baby girl’s nursery decorated Hello Kitty. The first item to consider then is the baby crib. It is a good thing that there are sites that offer Hello Kitty beddings for baby cribs.  (

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