Step Forward in Time

I realised after writing about my possible time travel exploits that just about everything I mentioned is in the past. I guess that I am just a retro kind of guy but wouldn’t it be nice to look into the future as well?

What will Hello Kitty bedding look like in the year 2082? Admittedly this isn’t a question which has troubled the great minds of the scientific world but it is worth thinking about. What if I go forward 7 decades or so and find that my daughter’s favourite cat has turned into a gothic monster or a hard rocker. I couldn’t cope with this shock although as long as Dora hasn’t turned into a vampire the little one should be alright.

A hobby I have never got into is that of pruning tomato plants. There is no shame in that but could my laziness cause a future disaster? Some wild tomato plants grow in my garden ( I think the builders ate a lot of tomato based foods when they were working on the foundations). If I were to go forward in time might I find that my family home has become overrun by these fruits (Or are they vegetables? Actually, I am pretty sure that they are berries).

I have lived all of my life in the 20th and 21st centuries, which is reasonable enough I guess. These have been years of amazing technological leaps. When I was born there was no internet (except maybe the nerdy one which no one without thick glasses knew about), no iphones, no playstations and the only type of computer was the size of a small German christmas market and weighed about the same as an ocean going liner.  Despite all of this, I have missed out on some advances, such as that of portable AC units. What are these things and will I see the world full of them in the 22nd century?

Will gee gee racing still be a sport in 2134? Will the horses ride the jockeys or will they float down the track on their hoverboards? I’ll tell you once I get back.

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