This list contains the top deals I've found for Flowering Plants. We have also written about Lavender Plants, Deer Resistant Plants and Hosta Plants.
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Flowering Plants

Plants are a great addition to any home. For a more beautiful garden, a spattering of flowering plants to accent a frontyard or backyard garden is best. Flowering plants are called angiosperms and they are known to be a diverse group of plants that thrive on land.  Flowering plants add a dash of colors and scents in and around the house.

  1. The Diversity of Flowering Plants: Angiosperms or flowering plants make up 90% of the Kingdom Plantae. There are more than 250,000 named species and probably thousands more of yet-to-be-named species. Flowering plants thrive everywhere from rainforests to deserts to grasslands to winterized mountain tops and marshes. The three largest families of flowering plants are the orchid family, pea family and the sunflower family. (
  2. The Families of Flowering Plants: Here is a very comprehensive (and scientific) list of known major flowering plants. The description includes habit and leaf form, reproductive type and so on. (
  3. Perennials from A-Z: On this website is a list of the top perennial flowering plants that will grow bigger and better each year. Descriptions and photos of the particular plants, so are their lighting requirements, plant height and zones where they will thrive are indicated. (
  4. Annuals: An annual plant is planted and grown outdoors during the spring and summer seasons. It basically survives just one season then has to be planted and grown again the following spring or summer. Here is a list of some flowering annuals. (
  5. Plant Lists: Flowering plants could be classified as either perennials or annuals. Flowering plants could be classified as either orchids or sunflowers, or pea or legumes. This website sells flowering plants. It has a link to a very comprehensive list of perennials and annuals though they don’t sell all the plants in the list. (
  6. Flower Families: This website have a very simplified presentation of flowering plant families such as Bluebell, Lily, Parsley, Violet, Milkweed and so on. Click the link for photos and descriptions of each flowering plant family. (
  1. Orchid Photography Sites: Bulbophyllum, Pleutothalis, Dendrobium and Epidendrum are the four classifications of orchids. Between these four types are some 4,000 orchid species. This website has links to photos of varied orchids sourced all over the world. (www.orchidmall.com0
  2. Fabaceae-Pea Family: There are more than 16,000 species of climbers, shrubs, trees and herbaceous plants included in the pea family. These plants have five butterfly-like unequal petals, a pair of side wings and an upright banner and joined petals on the inside which envelops the pistil and stamens.  On this website are photos and descriptions of various flowering plants in the pea family. (
  3. Sunflower Family (Asteraceae): This is the most extensive flowering plant on earth.  This plant family has over 1,550 genera and some 24,000 species.  On this site is a short list of some of the most common plants in the sunflower family. (
  4. Pictures of Flowers: This website has photos of flowering plants complete with their common and Latin names, plant types, hardiness and their blooming time. (

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