Chicken with What?

We went to my mother in law’s house for dinner yesterday. It was fine. Honestly.

The only weird bit is that she made some sort of caramel (or caramelised) chicken. I am not sure what that was all about but it was quite tasty. It did get me thinking though. More specifically, it got me thinking about what other weird things I could do with my poultry dishes.

Would chicken with beeswax and honey sauce be at all good to eat? I guess the honey would be fine but I am not even sure what beeswax is. It doesn’t sound like the kind of thing I would normally rub on my poultry before putting it in the oven but I guess I would need to try it to see whether it works or not.

I have wood shavings on my mind because someone just told me a joke about them. It’s in Spanish so if you speak it you should be able to work out. How does a carpenter’s phone sound? Aserrin.  It’s actually quite a good joke but it would take me ages to try and translate it. Anyway, wood shavings wouldn’t go well with chicken because they are too dry.

What about maple syrup organic stuff? I may have already mentioned that my Dad once brought a huge container of this home one day when I was a kid. We lived near a sugar refinery and apparently they made or refined syrup as well, although I guess it was from sugar or otherwise it would have been called a maple refinery. Anyway, he stole / was gifted / found about 50 litres of the stole and we had it on everything for month after long, syrupy month. Everything except chicken.

What about chicken and easter eggs? I think we have a winner. Can you imagine chocolate eggs with your fried poultry? A match made in heaven if you ask me. The only problem is that you only get to eat it once a year.

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