Some New Uses for Robots

robotI love those weird stories about new robots which have been built to fight fires, help on farms and make tea. However, I can’t help wondering if there aren’t more great uses for robots which we should be thinking of.

Do you know how to build a pergola? I know that I don’t, but I reckon I could find a robot who does. Having a DIY robot to do all those jobs around the house would be fantastic. I would list here all the jobs I need to do but it would only depress me, so I will limit myself to saying that our robotic chum is in for a lot of hard work at my house.

What about robots to water our flowering plants? You might think that this is a waste of resources, as robwatering plants is really quite easy to do. However, I keep forgetting to do it. If I could also give theĀ  robot a list of all of the other things I always forget then my mind be free to forget other things instead.

My front landscape gardening should be a piece of cake for a robot who works non stop all day. I would do it myself but, you know, the sun sometimes is too strong and then at other times it is too cold. Even when the temperature is perfect for working outside I can still usually find a few reasons not to go out and work in the garden. As long as I don’t get lumbered with a robot who is as good as generating excuses as I am then my garden should be finished in a few days.

We have about 4 electric fireplaces we need to use around the house in cold days like the ones we have had in the last week. This is a pretty expensive business and all those fires blasting away give me a sore head as well. Could a friendly robot heat up my house by lighting a campfire or diverting solar rays using a magnifying glass or something? Here’s hoping


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