Take Time for a Mellow Moment Today

chillLife can be a bit of a blur at times, can’t it? Even the most laid back person can get caught up in the hurly burly of the modern world. So why don’t we all make today the day in which we sit back, loosen up a bit and take a mellow moment?

For a start, we could look at some paint drying on our walls. This has got the reputation for being the most boring thing you could possibly do but might it not be relaxing rather than boring if you use the right paint colors? No, you’re right. Life is too short to spend hours of it sitting around looking at paint drying.

Ok, so if that doesn’t work could hibiscus tattoos be the solution? I have never seen the fun in having a tattoo mellowdone but a delicate flower would certainly be more interesting than a blooming big dragon or an anchor or whatever it is cool people get drawn on their bodies these days.

I love the smell of smoke in my nostrils so maybe a wood burning stove would be ideal for chilling out. Actually, if I can digress for a second, one of the most mellow moments in my life came when I was in the jungle in Ecuador. We were staying in a tiny, remote village and the friendly locals boiled water over a wood fire to make some sort of alcoholic drink. It was the first and last time I have ever drunk anything which tasted like barbecued vodka but the mood was very special. The mood was only spoiled when we got handed a massive bill for all the drinks which we didn’t realise we were buying.

Of course, nothing helps you relax and get into a mellow mood more than slipping into bed and lying in darkness for an hour or 10. I love sleeping and so does everyone in my house. My little girl has some hello Kitty bedding which looks like the most comfortable bedding in the world. Having said that, some nights I am so tired I could fall asleep on top of a pot of boiling barbecued vodka.

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