A New Look for the Bathroom

Aren’t bathrooms just the most boring rooms to try and get a new look for? They are so small and dull and practical that I like to go down the classic route of doing nothing and leaving my bathroom as I found it.

toiletHowever, some other people who live in my house don’t completely agree with this idea, so I find myself having to think about what on Earth to do to try and make this most difficult of rooms look even just a tiny bit more attractive.

Would a wood burning stove be a dangerous thing to place in a bathroom? I mean, while I am enjoying a luxurious bath of asses milk what if the dog came in and knocked it over? Trying to warm up my bathroom without dying in the process has long been a worry of mine, as it is the coldest room in the house. Maybe I could start bathing fully clothed?

toilet2Having a hobby in the smallest room in the house also sounds like a good idea. Perhaps I could soon be pruning tomato plants or collecting stamps in here.  I am not suggesting that I start spending all day in the bathroom but maybe if I had a WC-based hobby it would help me kit it out in a unique and interesting way. Also I could look after my tomato plants while shaving or look through my old penny blacks while having a shower.

I am thinking that there must be a good reason for never having seen Christmas trees in any bathroom. Anyone know? A more festive look to the room could be a great idea.

What kind of landscape lighting could I add to a bathroom which wouldn’t make me like an idiot who added landscape lighting to their bathroom? I fear that my options might be limited in this respect.

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