What Is That Big Round Thing in the Sky?

moonI just read that apparently the other day we saw the biggest full moon of the year. What was that all about? Does it change in size from time to time or does it swoop in closer to Earth in a way which is likely to have me glancing nervously out of the window throughout the night? Well, it seems as though this so called supermoon is 8% bigger than the normal one and now that I think about it I remember being surprised to look up and see a giant moon in the past. So what can the giant moon do for us?

I am just making this up or did I read somewhere that plants grow quicker when there is a full moon? If I haven’t gone mad and this is the case then I can suggest that if you want fast growing trees you should put them in the path of the moon. I beloeve than any local druids you know will help you work out how to calculate this.

supermoonWill you be inspired by a golden moon hanging softly over the rolling green fields of swaying grass? Will you then draw some memorable landscaping pictures thanks to timeless inspiration of the lunar cycle? No? Ok then. Just take a picture of it then.

If you eat your dinner outside you could witness the power of supermoon.  As families across the globe sit down at their patio dining sets they will hear wolves wail and see bats flutter past the supermoon. Actually, all that excitement might put you off your pasta so it might be better to eat indoors when there is a giant moon in the sky.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy the full moon is to lie on the grass and look up at it for a while without thinking of anything else at all. You can then settle down indoors with a nice salad and some apple cider vinegar while the wolves and the bats go crazy outside.

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