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Patio Dining Sets

Outdoor living has caught on. More homeowners are converting their patio into a comfy and cozy outdoor nook for friends and families. Lattice work or trellis is built over most patios for partial shade or sun protection. In some instances a fitting patio umbrella is used as shade. Since patios are convenient for al fresco dining, choosing the right patio dining set is imperative.

  1. How Do I Choose the Best Patio Dining Furniture? Choosing a patio dining set is easy. First, you have to consider the size of your patio or porch. You just can’t opt for an 8-seater when your patio could only accommodate a 6-seater patio dining set.  You also have to consider the local climate, the style and finishing of your patio and your budget.  (
  2. Patio Set Size Guide:  Patio Dining Sets are usually 4, 6 or 8-seater. Each chair typically measures 25.5“X26”X38”. A 4-seater patio table usually measures 64”X64”X29”. The overall area to be occupied by the patio dining set includes the size of the table and the dimension of each chair. If you wish to put a 4-seater patio dining set, the patio should have a minimum area of 9 square meters.  (
  3. Patio Furniture  Materials Guide:  There are different types of materials used for patio dining sets. What is ideal in the warm tropics might not be the best one in temperate countries. This means that some materials might not be suitable for a particular climate. It is best to know the characteristics and qualities of available patio dining set materials before buying. (
  4. Patio Furniture Dining Sets: This website has more than 300 patio dining sets in various styles, types and prices. There are expensive ones and cheap patio dining sets. There are sets made of wood or aluminum, wrought iron or plastic. There are 2-seaters up to 8-seaters. The choices are quite extensive.(
  5. Patio Dining Sets: Featured dining sets on this website are sets made of rattan, cast aluminum, all-weather wicker sets, teak wood and more. The site also has a 10-seater patio dining set, not usually offered on most patio furniture websites. The price is from low to high-end range. (
  6. Sunrise Outdoor Wood Expandable 7-piece Dining Set: This set is quite interesting as it expandable- from a 4-seater to a 6-seater patio dining set. Of course you have to buy the 6 chairs whether you like it or not.  At less than $1000 but over $500, this set is not exactly cheap. (
  7. Teak Dining Sets: Teak wood is a favored material for outdoor furniture because of its inherent characteristic to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is also used for boats as teak wood could last for more than 70 years. It goes without saying that teak patio  dining set could be quite expensive: (
  8. Wrought Iron Dining Sets: Classic and elegant, a wrought iron dining set is ideal for an outdoor dining set.  You can “sit” or “set” a wrought iron dining set in the garden, the patio, porch or deck. Wrought iron is a very durable material but maintenance is required to make it last long.  Is it affordable? You bet! (
  9. Tips on Maintenance Free Patio Furniture: I know! It says “maintenance free” so why would you have to have tips on how to maintain such furniture?  No furniture or to be more specific, no patio dining set is maintenance-free. The real deal is that “maintenance-free” equates to “low-maintenance”. This website enumerates some basics on maintaining patio furniture. (
  10. How to Clean Patio Furniture: This website has all the basic information you need to start cleaning your patio dining set made of  plastic,  wood, cast iron and wicker. The website also features an article on how to clean patio umbrellas. (

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