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Landscape Lighting

A garden brings the beauty of nature into any home. There are different types of landscape gardening and each type surely adds value, in terms of aesthetics and worth to a house.  Garden or landscape lighting is all about illuminating a landscape, be it in the form of public landscapes or private gardens. Outdoor illumination enhances the beauty, security and accessibility of any outdoor area.

  1. Basic Design Elements of Landscape Lighting: There are only a few techniques and principles relating to landscape lighting. However basic it is, you need to know them in order to properly address the proper way of lighting your garden.  There are the fundamental uplighting and downlighting techniques. There are lighting effects such as shadowing and highlighting.  Balance and dimension are also aspects that need to be considered. (
  2. Landscape Lighting Basics: Why install landscape lighting? Well, aside from the aesthetic aspect, there is the practical aspect too.  This website points out to the practicality of using low-voltage lights as well as how to plan a landscape lighting layout.  Also presented on this website are the different types of landscape lighting, lighting styles, voltage computation, tips and more. (
  3. All About Landscape Lighting: A fitting lighting design could highlight your house at night so are the garden and other landscape features.  Low-voltage lights are used in most landscape lighting as they are safer and cheaper to install. You can hire a professional to do your landscape lighting or do it yourself by learning the basics. This website details on how to map out your house’s landscape lighting. (
  4. Home Landscape Lighting: There is no doubt that outdoor lighting can duly transform any garden or outdoor area. A well laid out lighting design offers beauty, comfort, security and safety so you can rightly enjoy the outdoor area.  A low profile light placed along the walkway has quite an impact at night. A properly-lit landscape has the capability to transform a regular garden patch. You should know that form, color, texture, pattern and scale are elements of good landscape lighting. (
  5. Landscape Lighting Installation Instructions: Maybe it is easier said than done. Or, maybe not. This article gives detailed instructions on how to properly install outdoor lighting for the garden.  Know that you should take care not to touch light bulbs directly as oil from your skin could shorten its life span.  Before starting on the project make sure that you have the right tools. The instructions are quite easy to follow. Even I can do it! (
  6. Gallery (photos): There are varied types of landscape lighting techniques. Uplighting is where a light is positioned to cast light upwards. Moonlighting is when lights are positioned in high trees to simulate moonlight. Then there’s accent lighting, shadowing, cross lighting, path lighting and downlighting. The photos on this website show these various landscape lighting techniques. (
  7. Garden Lighting: This website offers garden light fixtures in various shapes and styles. The series offered are lawn lighting, street lighting, flood lighting, decorative poles and even street lighting. Your choice largely depends on the landscape lighting technique that you will employ. (
  8. Outdoor Lighting: There are over 700 landscape lighting fixtures featured on this site.  From stainless steel tube solar light to elegant hurricane lamp to string lights, spot lights, lamps, wall lantern, torches, path light and more. The choices are extensive. Most light fixtures are solar powered for eco-friendly products. (
  9. Landscape Lights: There 500 landscape lights featured on this site. There are path lights, garden lights, accent lights, flood lights and deck/rail lights. If you have a pond in your garden, there are well and pond lights pegged from $50 to $375. (
  10. LED Garden Lights: Light-emitting-diodes (LED) lights have longer service life than regular lights. Though they are costlier, they do consume less voltage despite their high energy efficiency. This website has a line  of high quality modern-style LED garden lights.(

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