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Paint Colors

The first ever “paint” was made from lead.  Prehistoric and Ancient civilizations employed the use of lead treated with vinegar or wine to come up with red or black pigment. Later, linseed oil, turpentine and other color pigments were added to lead for a wider range of colors. Today, lead is no longer a prime component in paint.

  1. Types of Paint: Water Base and Mineral Spirit Base: There are two basic types of paint bases: water and paint thinner. Water-base paint is called latex paint and thinned with water. Oil-based or alkyd paint (also referred as enamel) is thinned with paint thinner. Latex paint is more cleans easy and is more eco-friendly while Alkyd paint is considered as a hazardous material. (
  2. Interior Paints: There are paints made especially for the interior of a building. Before choosing the paint color, you should be well aware of what you are going to paint. Are you going to paint the interior wall, cabinets, trims or moldings? Is the area already painted?  Do you know to patch up imperfections on the wall? This website has complete instructions regarding interior paints. (
  3. Exterior Paints: In general, water-base paints are used for the exterior as they are flexible and do not trap water. However, oil-based paints are better for bleeding woods, chalky surfaces and metals susceptible to rust.  This article presents a complete view on exterior paints. (
  4. Choosing a Paint Sheen: Aside from the paint color, its sheen or measurement of the paint’s shine or gloss is important.  The less sheen a paint has, the bigger its coverage per liter. The shinier a paint is, the less its coverage on a per liter basis. Note that as the paint’s sheen increases, its “cleanability” and durability increase. (
  5. 10 Tips for Picking Paint Colors: Color psychology is an important aspect when choosing paint colors. Red is a pretty color but if you paint your bedroom red, sleeping soundly may seldom happen. If you paint the dining room blue, then eating won’t be much fun. If you don’t know the how and what of colors, the article on this website will show you how. (
  6. Hues: On this website are the basic shades and their related colors. The basics are red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, brown and neutrals. Under yellow, for example, are interesting related colors such as corn bread, studio cream, ginger crunch, wax way and semi salted. (
  7. Paint Colors by Family: Blue could be Poseidon, Impromptu, Atmospheric or Commodore. Red stops to be “red” as it can be called Ablaze, Charisma or Begonia. Violets are Dewberry, Aged Wine or Gutsy Grape. This website has a range of basic colors and their related colors. (
  8. Style Guide: Paint Color Inspiration: This website presents varied rooms painted in various shades of blues, whites, greens, yellows, pinks and purples. Each photo highlights a particular color with coordinating and matching colors. (
  9. Color Gallery: This website has an extensive color palette gallery -from cool whites to tranquil blues to flaming reds. Click on a square of colors to enlarge it. The brand of paint is preferred by most architects and interior decorators. (
  10. Cloverdale Paint Color Palette: There are over 1,200 paint colors mixed by the manufacturer. With names such as Baby Sprout, Wavy Navy, Light My Fire and Face of Innocence, the choices of colors are highly interesting with their “colorful” names. (

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