It Is Raining

Today it rained. That might not be an unusual statement in many parts of the world but it is here. After growing up in wet and windy days it is weird to now live somewhere with a dry season which lasts about 8 months.  With news of Hurricane Sandy hitting North America I guess we just had a very minor storm in comparison but it got me thinking about all things rain related for the first time in a while.

For a start, it is incredibly difficult to have plants in your garden when it rains so little.  I always feel guilty about watering them when it hasn’t rained for half a year but it has to be done. Of course, then a tropical storm of hailstones comes and destroys them all anyway. I either need hardy landscaping shrubs or a garden full of cacti.

Maybe I just need an outdoor canopy to keep me and the plants dry. A lot of people use them here but I would prefer a giant tent. I actually bought a small tent a few months ago and cowering in it while it rains outside makes me feel all cosy and almost as though I was in my mum’s garden in the UK again.

I may have mentioned before that I have never gone fishing so why am I keen to do so now? Well, the rivers have been nearly all dry, rocky beds for months now and I just want to go and see some with water in them for a change. I don’t know if you can get fly fishing supplies here but I  might just use my dad’s old technique of guddling.

Do I need an animals kennel? Well, if my dog could talk he would say that it is an essential purchase. He got caught out in the rain this morning and came in looking like a half drowned rat. The only problem is that my little girl would probably want to enter into it, as she loves any kind of small, forbidden space and the dirtier the better.

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