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Meaning of Colors

What are the favorite colors of women and men? Many may think that pink is for women and that blue is for men. Well, the two genders both prefer blue and that both prefer the color green as the second favorite color. In the meaning of colors, blue connotes to authority, intelligence and stability while green connotes to growth, renewal, the environment and health.

  1. Color Meaning, Symbolism and Psychology: This site has an in-depth discussion on the meaning of colors. For example, the color yellow is all about happiness, enlightenment and optimism. Psychologically, the color yellow is the happiest color. Pink increases the blood pressure and heart rate. The color brown gives an aura of orderliness. (
  2. The Meaning of Colors: Colors do affect us. There are colors that make us feel safe and there are colors that make us feel sad. There are colors that invoke out intelligence and there are colors that tap the inner artist in us. Red means warmth and it also signifies anger. Purple is royal and elegant for in the past, purple dye was very expensive. (
  3. Color Meanings and Symbolism: Psychologist Carl Jung deeply encouraged his patients to employ colors to help in expressing themselves. Your choice of color to wear for the day may also be an indication of how you feel. On this site is an extensive list of the meanings and symbolism of colors. (
  4. Understanding the Meaning of Colors in Color Psychology: As a form of non-verbal communication, colors top the list! If a person decides to wear red on a day that he/she is to face an important event, then this indicates that the person is ready for the action. Or if a cheated wife decides to wear red on the day of her confrontation with her husband then the color red is indicative that she is angry. (www.
  5. Color Psychology: Colors have their own positive and negative meanings. For example, positively thinking, the color gray is humble, elegant, subtle, reverent, stable, wise and timeless. On the negative side, gray connotes decay, pollution, boredom, dullness and dust! (
  6. Color Psychology: The Emotional Effects of Colors:  Colors do affect a person’s emotional and mental states and other facets of his life. There are differences in the interpretation of the meaning of colors based on beliefs and cultures. However, there are generalities in the meaning of colors that span culture, beliefs and perceptions. (
  7. Color Psychology: Does the color blue make you feel serene and calm? Does the color yellow make you feel anxious? Does the color red inspire you to be more active? Colors can affect moods, emotions and feelings that is why it is important to choose the right color to avoid negative effects. Pink, on initial exposure, has calming effect but as one gets used to the color, it becomes more agitating than calming. (
  8. Psychological Properties of Colors: The four primary colors are red, blue and yellow. The mixtures of these colors result in secondary colors and subsequent mixtures of primary and secondary colors result to tertiary colors. Each mixture has its base color or colors that affect one’s emotions, mind and body. (
  9. Color Psychology and Marketing: Color psychology and marketing go hand in hand. The right color could send out positive message to consumers while the wrong choice of colors for advertisement could easily cast a negative shadow on a product. Color psychology is important for the design of websites, product packages, logos, book cover and such.(
  10. Color Symbolism, Color, Personality, Gemstone Color and Meaning: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Gray, Brown, White, Purple, Black and Indigo – these colors have their own effects on our actions and emotions. There are people who believe that colors are powerful that is why they choose to wear colored stones as jewelries. (

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