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Granite Colors

Granite is an igneous rock that crystallized from magmas. They are found and mined all over the world is countries such as Italy, United States, China, South Africa, Australia, India, Brazil and in small quantities in some parts of the world. Granite quarried in the United States is different from ones quarried in Italy. The obvious difference has something to do with the granite colors and grain.

  1. Borelli Marble and Granite: There are probably thousands of granite varieties the world over. Known types such as  tourmaline, talcose, hornblende and biotite granite are popular. Some classify  granites by colors such as: white; beige; yellow; gold; green; blue; red; burgundy; brown; gray and black. Brown and beige granites are the most popular. Under brown granite are agate, amarelo, carnelian, Dakota mahogany and more. This website has over 1,000 types of granites based on colors. (www.
  2. Granite: This website has over 500 types of granite based on colors. The standard granite colors are black, blue, brown, beige, white red, green and gold. Granites classified under gold are beautiful. A sample is Amidala gold granite which is mined in Brazil. Its gold yellow stone has a wavy pattern with white and black flecks. (
  3. 1,591 Most Popular Granite Colors: The beautiful photos of kitchen and bathroom countertops and floorings are presented on this website. The interior designs employing granite slabs and countertops are very inspiring. I was actually overwhelmed with the choices! (
  4. Natural Stone Classification Granite: This website has an extensive offering of different colors granites from various parts of the world. Argentine Balmoral is pink granite from Argentina. Azul Noche is grey granite from Spain. Blue Fantasy and Marygold are from India. Madras Red is red granite from Finland. (
  5. Granite Slabs and Countertops: Granite is a very popular finishing choice for the kitchen, bathroom and other surfaces because of its beauty and durability. Azurite is blue granite with cream and black veins, from Brazil. Colombo Jurapana is gray and beige granite from India.  Verde Fantastico, green and gold, is quarried in Italy. (
  6. Coldspring Granite: This website is unique as it has a color scale that you can slide to come up with a granite color in your chosen color shade. For example, under red are Agate, Indian Sunset, Loyal Valley and Sunset Red. Slide the color scale to a shade a tad darker than white for Champagne Mist and Sierra White. (
  7. Granite Types: This website has colorful and uniquely grained granites.  With such names as Exotic Gold, Emerald Pearl, Copperfield Gold, Juperana Bordeaux and Kangaroo Green, the options are extensive. (
  8. Granite Stone Gallery: Luise Blue is quarried in Brazil. It can be used in the kitchen or as a fireplace. Multicolored Red is from India and is advisable as a finishing material for an outside barbecue pit.  Uba Tuba is dark green and comes from Brazil. It is perfect for a vanity table. (
  9. Craftsman Marble: Absolute black granite is “absolutely black”! We have all heard of black granite but more often than not, the supposedly black granite has grains of grey and white. Not this black though. (
  10. Granite: Amarello Macael, African Red, Amadeus, Ascas Blue. These granite slabs are of the highest quality.  The colors are unique and exclusive. You can order your chosen granite slabs from this website. (

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