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Hibiscus Tattoos

There are hundreds of hibiscus varieties all over the world. It is a flowering plant that belongs in the mallow family. Beautiful, colorful and delicate, the hibiscus could thrive almost anywhere throughout the world. The hibiscus flower is quite fragile and exotic and plenty of women tattoo-aficionados are opting for hibiscus tattoos as a “beauty mark”.

  1. Hibiscus Symbolism: Aside from their exotic beauty, the hibiscus plane is quite symbolical in most Asian and South Pacific cultures. In Korea, the hibiscus plant symbolizes immortality. In China, this flower is symbolical of wealth, fame and even virginity.  It also symbolizes “delicate beauty” with different colors of the flowering plant offering various meanings. (
  2. Hibiscus Gallery: So before you troop to the tattoo parlor for your hibiscus tattoo, better peruse this website first. On this website are more than 400 hibiscus plant varieties. The flowers are so beautiful and colorful that choosing which variety to opt for a hibiscus tattoo could be quite overwhelming. (www.
  3. Hibiscus Tattoo Designs: There are more than 300 tattoo designs depicting the hibiscus plant. For minimal cost, you can download which hibiscus tattoo you prefer then take the print to your favorite tattoo artist to “ink” the design on you. (
  4. Hibiscus Flower Tattoo: A Hibiscus tattoo on your foot, back, arm or wrist is quite alluring if not downright sensual. The colorful trumpet-shaped petal-ed flower is enticing or attractive and bold. On this website are varied presentations of a hibiscus tattoo, inked on a person or drawn on paper. (
  5. Hibiscus: On this website are hibiscus tattoos inked on   legs, feet, backs and arms. The tattoos are colorful and “alive”. From a single stemmed flower to a bouquet of hibiscus tattoos, the designs are interesting and attractive. It kind of beckons me to have a tattoo myself! (
  6. 35 Overwhelming Hawaiian Flower Tattoos: The hibiscus flower is so popular in Hawaii that native tattoo adherents are opting for hibiscus tattoos.  Some guests of the islands have the hibiscus flower tattooed on them as a souvenir of their wonderful stay in the islands. (
  7. Hawaiian Flower Tattoos: Choose a hibiscus tattoo design that is colorful. It is best to start out with a single flower which could “blossom” into more flowers and leaves. If the area where the tattoo has been inked could accommodate it, additional butterflies or trees, clouds or even dolphins could be added much later. If I were to choose a hibiscus tattoo, I’d choose a real small red one, inked on my ankle. (
  8. For Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Addicts: On this website are large hibiscus tattoos on women’s back and sides. The design and composition are great! The rendering of colors and their combinations are fitting and attractive. (
  9. 30 Artistic Hawaiian Flower Tattoos: Flower tattoos need not be all about hibiscus. On this website are other ideas for flower tattoos, from hibiscus to orchids and roses. Inked areas are on the foot, abdomen, back, backside and arm. (
  10. Free Tattoo Designs: Though the flower tattoo designs on this website are not all hibiscus, the other flower tattoo designs are just as great. The flower tattoos are dainty and feminine but, depending on the design, they could be quite bold and eclectic. The best part is, the flower tattoo designs are free!  (

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