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Wedding Colors

The union of two people in love and committed to spend their lives together (forever) is a wonderful cause for a celebration. Yes! Weddings, over the years, have become major productions for most.  Wedding customs and traditions might vary between countries, religions, cultures and social standings but the idea of preparing and celebrating for that momentous occasion remains.  Traditional in the preparation is choosing the wedding colors.

  1. Wedding Colors: It wasn’t until the 19th century that white wedding gowns became the norm in the western world, thanks to Queen Victoria. In traditional eastern cultures, red seems to be still the favored color for wedding gowns. In the last century, choices of wedding colors seem to have evolved. Black, when paired with white, is no longer a taboo wedding color. Blue, pink, yellow, gray, gold, red, silver or brown, this website has some wonderful color combinations for your favored wedding color. (
  2. Wedding Colors: Choosing or deciding for the perfect color combination for your wedding could be stressful. There are just so many choices. The best thing that you should consider is what essence you wish to convey with your wedding colors. Romantic? Beach? Spring? Browse this website to get inspirations for two to three colors combinations for your wedding.(
  3. Wedding Color Inspiration: This website will help you find the right color combination for your dream wedding.  Truth be told, it is the color scheme that actually sets the mood for the whole wedding. Bold colors are full of statement and action. Pastels are soft and quiet. Neutrals are, well, “neutral”.  On this website are links to photos that showcase varied wedding colors combination.(
  4. Wedding Colors: Here’s a truly practical site when it comes to choosing your wedding colors. The wonderfully unique photos are posted by subscribers/members of the website.  From bridesmaids’ gowns, bouquets, cakes and venue decorations, the wedding colors are enticing and beautiful. I love the lemon and mint wedding color combination. (
  5. Wedding Style: 15 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Colors: Your color motif is the one unifying feature for your wedding. The color scheme is shown in the flower decorations, bouquet, entourage’s clothes down to the reception hall décor and wedding cake.  A key point is choosing your preferred hue and start from there. On this website are various tips. (
  6. Wedding Colors: Lemon and lavender is an interesting combination for wedding colors. Though the two colors are quite bright and could be a bit overwhelming, choosing just the right shade could result into a warm play of happy colors. (
  7. Wedding Colors (Your Pick): Color combinations used in weddings are no longer restricted to classical or traditional colors. Back in the days, brides get to choose one, yes, and just one color for her wedding motif. I, back in the days, chose two (silver and powder blue). I would have preferred lavender and orange-peach but my mother would have not agreed with me. Today, the norm in choosing wedding colors is “choose whatever colors you want!” This website has some interesting color combinations for a wedding. (
  8. Choosing Your Wedding Colors: Most little girls plan their weddings at the ripe old age of 8! So by the time that their dream wedding is set to happen, they already have their choices. No matter, this website offers a few tips when choosing wedding colors. Note that season and venue of the wedding are important considerations. (
  9. 18 Perfect Wedding Color Combos (photos): Orange and green, whether pastel or bright, are great complimentary colors for a wedding.  This combo is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Add a dash of brown to make this triad of color perfect for a winter wedding. What about purple and blue? Oh I just love this combo more so if chartreuse is included. (
  10. Wedding Styles: Picking Your Wedding Colors: Weddings used to be all white. Another color is chosen to complement or accent the white. Brides were expected to wear white. Bridesmaids and flower girls were expected to wear white too, but with some colored accent. Today, colors, bold, pastel, spring, winter, summer, fall, and neutral colors are used for décor, cake, flowers and the entourages’ clothes. (

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