Time for Some Lessons

I like to learn new things each day and today I am on a roll as I just discovered that Dread Mar is an Argentine reggae group and not a feared sailor’s disease. Let’s see if we can keep on learning some more facts today.

Who or what is blanchard grinding? Wasn’t one of those dollies from The Golden Girls called Blanchard? Why do I get the horrible image of her being ground by a devious looking machine. It’s probably some sort of building technique or motor mechanic’s tool, isn’t it? Or something for making cheese? Who knows?

I have never before heard of Franklin Bocce Ball Set things and I am now worried that I have been missing out on some sporting fun. Is Franklin Bocce the name of the sport or of a ball designer involved in the sport? I just had a look on the old internet thing and I am still not sure. Is it a 10 pin bowling product? I have never really understood the fascination with bowling but then what do I know? I used to play golf on an old piece of green plastic so my opinion on sporting tastes is worth diddly squat.

The name Fenton Hobnail makes me think that we are talking about boots? Sandals are my footwear of choice these days but back in the days I used to wear big hobnail boots and baggy jeans. I must have looked really cool I guess. Anyway, this is some sort of fancy pottery or glassware so I don’t think I’ll be putting any of it on my feet anytime soon.

I love the name of the Dodge Ram 1500 and I am guessing that it is some sort of motorised vehicle. I enjoy getting out in my car and it is certainly a lot easier to drive now that I don’t wear those big boots. It is actually easier to walk as well and if I ever go dancing again then I might even find that I can now jive better than ever before.

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