Something New to Get Me Excited

Have you ever thought that it is  probably about time to try something different? I am now too used to buying the same things from the same shops and doing  the same things. This means that I need to break out of my habits and, well, do something else I suppose.

Let’s start off simply with something like cigarette lighters. I have to confess that I am a bit frightened of these things. I don’t wake up in a cold sweat imagining a cigar being lit but I do steer clear of them whenever I can, which is pretty much all of the time. I have never been a smoker and lighters just seem awfully dangerous to me. Even matches are things I tend to avoid. Maybe it is time to start carrying about an amusingly shaped lighter to get me some practise.

Lazer tag rentals? What are they all about? I know the general idea but is it good fun or not? I once went on a paint balling day out and it was closer to a disaster than a fun event if I am being honest. I quite like the idea of shooting people sop maybe I will give it a try.

Would using a cleanser with bleach bring me back some more joie de vivre? I don’t often think about household cleaning products but I once had a bit of fun scrubbing a floor so it could be a good move. I’ve never understood those people who get a kick out of cleaning up but maybe I have missing an opportunity to do something fresh and exciting. I have an old mop in the garage and it could be time to put it to good use at last.

I don’t even know what an insta flame but I am kind of hoping that it is a giant flame thrower instead of a gas stove. It might seem strange that I am afraid of cigarette lighters but not flame throwers. Actually, I am equally afraid of both of them but it would seem somehow less embarrassing to burn myself with a flame thrower than with a piddly little lighter.

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