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Italian Chandeliers

The term ‘chandelier’ is rooted in the Latin word candelabrum which simply means ‘candle’. The first candle chandeliers were used in the homes of the rich during the medieval times. These chandeliers were mostly wooded crosses hoisted up on a chain or rope. The spikes on the wooden cross held the candles for illumination. Over the centuries, the simple chandelier evolved, thanks to electricity and modern technology. The Italian chandelier is one of the most popular light fixtures found in elegant homes today.

  1. 34,668 Italian Chandeliers Home Design Photos: This website has a very extensive collection of Italian chandeliers. From simple to very ornate pieces, this website features them all. The Italian chandeliers featured are installed in residences. From classic Italian chandeliers to pieces with a country style influence to modern, the choices are extensive. (
  2. Murano Big Chandeliers: This website features beautiful collection of Murano Italian chandeliers from big luxury chandeliers to traditional-style Italian chandeliers to contemporary pieces. The lighting fixtures presented are made of the finest Murano and Swarovski crystals available in clear, light green, light blue, murano red and black and in transparent colors of pink, violet, blue, amethyst, yellow and more. There is an option to meet your requirements. (
  3. Beautiful Italian Lighting Direct from Manufacturer: This website has an extensive collection of handcrafted Murano chandeliers and Italian lighting. There are small to large size Murano chandeliers with the lowest-priced one pegged at less than $900. There are traditional Maria Theresa and Rococo cast brass chandeliers to more contemporary designs. Other styles of chandeliers are featured on this site. (
  4. Traditional Chandeliers: This website has a wide range of Murano Italian chandeliers. Featured are Murano glass chandeliers, Traditional chandeliers, Wrought Iron chandeliers, Venetian chandeliers and Contemporary Chandeliers.  The pieces are simply exquisite with the Traditional Italian chandelier fitted from 6 to 18 candle bulbs. (
  5. Venice Arte: This website accepts customized orders of Italian chandeliers. Yes, the pieces featured here are the epitome of elegance and class and their price is an indication.  At 30% discount, the price range of these beautiful Italian chandeliers is still in the thousands of dollars. (
  6. Classical Murano Collection: RoccoBorghese website presents customers with its various collections of Italian chandeliers. The collections are aptly named Admiral, Brilliante, Coral Collezione, Crystal Collezione, Fazoletto and Classical Murano.  If you require a larger or smaller chandelier of a particular model, customized pieces are accepted. (
  7. Italian Chandeliers: Alibaba has more than 250 styles of Italian chandeliers on its site. The designers featured are big names in the world of Italian chandeliers: Venetia Design, R Designer, Bohemia B2B, Luce Italia, Murano Glass Factory and more. Customers are made to directly contact the manufacturers. (
  8. Italian Chandeliers: Who said Italian Chandeliers have to cost thousands of dollars? This website offers some really affordable Italian-style chandeliers. The Palace 6-Light Candelabra Bronze chandelier features 6 faux dripped candles on curled scrolls. Pegged at only $727.00, this Italian-style chandelier is beautiful and affordable. (
  9. Bespoke Italian Chandeliers and Hand Blown Glass Lighting: A beautiful structure has to be aptly lighted. Architects and Interior designers consider the effect of lighting on the overall aesthetics of any structure. This website features more contemporary Murano glass Italian chandeliers fitted for larger and high-ceilinged house. (
  10. Clean and Maintain Chandeliers at Home: Crystal chandeliers are focal points in a house. They need proper cleaning to get rid of dust. It is easy enough to use a cotton cloth, soft paper towel, or feather duster to clean a chandelier.  Note that you should clean the chandelier when it is turned off; making sure that the light is cold to the touch. There are more tips that you can follow on this website. (

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