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Shower Curtains

The first people to have showers were the ancient Greeks. Thanks to their sewerage and aqueduct systems, running water was effectively pumped into and out of communal shower rooms. Yup! “Communal”. Everyone had the right and privilege to bathe in these communal showers. Oh what a difference it would have made if there were shower curtains during that time! Everyone could have had their share of privacy.

1. Shower Curtain Guides: There are different types of showers based on materials. There are synthetic shower curtains which are made of vinyl, nylon, polyester and the likes. This type of shower curtain is the most affordable. There are also shower curtains made of cotton, linen and hemp. While both textile and hemp shower curtains are costlier, hemp is better as it resists the growth of fungi and bacteria. On this website are discussions about the different types of curtain rods too. (

2. 562 Shower Curtains: Renovating a bathroom is not cheap! It takes time, money and effort to spruce up a bathroom as re-tiling and re-painting are laborious! A smart, easy and cheap way to revamp the looks of your old bathroom is to splurge on matching or complementing bathroom accessories such as shower curtains, bathroom rugs, scented candles, and appliqués on glass windows, flower arrangements or even adding a small shelf for books. Your only limitation is your imagination. There are more than 500 shower curtain options on this site. (

3. Shower Curtains: Narrow down your selection for shower curtain by ticking off your preferred color, material, pattern, brand and price. Target sure makes it easy for online shoppers to purchase shower curtains from their website. Another point is the fact that shower curtains offered on this website are very affordable.(

4. EBay in Shower Curtains: There are more than 14,000 listings under shower curtains at EBay. The fun part (aside from the thousands and thousands of shower curtain choices) is that you can be from any part of the world and EBay will deliver your item. From ruffled fabric shower curtains to simple vinyl curtain, the choices are very extensive. (

5. Fabric Shower Curtains: Sure, I can always opt for a colorful vinyl shower curtain for less than $10 but, I must agree that a fabric shower curtain is classier and more stylish. If it all depends on me, I will naturally go for a fabric shower curtain, never mind if I seriously have to watch that I don’t splash on the shower curtain as I take a shower or bath. I can always install a shower liner. (

6. 100% Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtains: I got tired of looking at my old bathroom so I decided to spruce it up a bit by opting for a new shower curtain, window curtain and matching rugs. I did not want a vinyl or nylon shower curtains for mildew love to grow on them. I do not want a fabric shower curtain for I would be compelled to shower only once a week for fear of soaking-up the fabric shower. A water-repellant, mold and mildew-resistant shower curtain was the perfect answer! (

7. IKEA Shower Curtains: No matter how cheap or expensive your shower curtain is, the fact remains that there are two sides – one to keep the water where you want it and the other side enhances the design element of the bathroom. IKEA offers simple vinyl shower curtains that are very affordable, at less than $4.00! You can even cut the shower curtain to the desired length. (

8. Shower Curtains: There are over 700 shower curtains offered on this site. You can tick off your preferred color (or colors), materials, brand and price range to make it easier for you to choose. There are shower curtains with monkey, under the sea, animals, flowers, squares and polka dot, plains and other print designs. (

9. Shower Rods: No matter how “wonderful” your shower curtain is, all is futile if you can’t hand your shower curtain properly. You need to have the right kind of rod and hook to set a shower curtain. Sometimes, a double rod is needed should you opt for a shower liner. A liner is necessary more so if your shower curtain is fabric. (

10. Shower Curtain Rings: You now have a nice shower curtain complete with a shower rod. Now, how can you hang your shower curtain without shower curtain rings? Make sure the holes in the shower curtains matches the hooks or rings that you buy for the shower curtain. (

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