It’s a Nice Day for Something Different

Don’t you find that there are some days when you like the idea of just doing something different? Today has been a hum ho sort of day so let’s see what I could with the few hours left of it. Is there still time to do something for the first in my life?

I don’t believe I have ever listened to any rockabilly music in my life to date, so maybe I could do that now. I just had a quick look at wikipedia and it seems that some of the most famous proponents of this style of music are called things like Zeb Turner, Bill Monroe and Billy Flagg. Actually, if they are telling me that Elvis and Carl Perkins played rockabilly then I guess I have already heard some of this music in the past, which is a bit of a shame.

I could also put on some acylic nails. Quite why I have never done this before now I don’t know. Still, it’s never too late to start with something like this, is it? Having said that, how long would it take me to put these things on? I have a feeling that it could take more hours than are left in the day.

Is a Mercury Montego a type of car? I would be very happy to give one a ride, more on the basis that it sounds like a spaceship because of than anything else. I don’t think I have ever driven a weirder sounding vehicle so it would be quite good fun.

Do things called coffee urns really existed? I believe that I have come across tea urns in the past but coffee ones just sound weird. Next you’ll be telling me that you can use capuccino urns and hot chocolate urns. Still, getting a nice cup of coffee out of one of these contraptions couldbe just the sort of thing I need to do to make the day end on a high after all.

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