This list contains the top deals I've found for Rockabilly. We have also written about Prom Hairstyles, Prince Recording Artist and It’s a Nice Day for Something Different.
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  1. Jerry Lee Lewis – Rockabilly Hall of Fame: Biography of rockabilly legend Jerry Lee Lewis, with archive of news articles, photos, and quotes from those who were influenced by The Killer. (
  2. Rockabilly at Wikipedia: Rockabilly became known in the early 1950’s and it’s regarded as one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music. Includes origins, recording techniques of rockabilly, and its influence in the music scene, its revival and others. (
  3. Rockabilly at YouTube: If you’re not familiar to rockabilly, try listening to some groups of rockabilly at YouTube. You’ll find lots of videos relating to it. (
  4. Rockabilly Central: A web site dedicated to Rockabilly Music. Find links to your favorite bands, tour dates, etc. (
  5. Rockabilly Hairstyles: Photos and directions on creating the 1940’s rockabilly hairstyles for both women and men to match your rockabilly clothing.  (
  6. Rockabilly Hall of Fame: Traces the history and highlights of the music which includes performances of over 5,000 artists. Also features the world’s largest gathering of rockabilly entertainers and history makers. (
  7. Stop Staring!: New vintage reproduction retro rockabilly and swing clothing inspired by glamour icons of the 1940s and 1950s. (
  8. The Rockabilly Documentary Film: A documentary film attempting to recognize rockabilly music as a separate American musical style. (

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