I’ve Seen the Future and It’s Called….

What will be the next big thing to take the world by storm? Television, internet and mobile phones are all a bit old hat so what about one of the following?

Do you remember when cassettes were a valid option for listening to music. The very last one I bought was a slightly ill advised Nils Lofgren import but hey we all make mistakes. Anyway, I think that  the car CD cassette player could make a comeback. Maybe I will need to look out that Lofgren cassette and give it another go after all.

I just had an image flash into my head, and it showed ballooning as being the new way of getting around. Can you imagine aerial highways full of colourful balloons? It would be brilliant. We could ban cars and those horrible motorbikes. You could have conversations such as, “how long does it take yours to get up to 100 metres” and “I am just going to polish the basket”.

What about if small dog breeders started making their pooches ever smaller? Can you imagine a planet filled with tiny dobermans and miniature rottweilers? Where I live the dogs live outside all day so I would be quite happy if they were all small enough for me to kick when they start growling at me.

Isn’t it about time that rockabilly music made a comeback? I must confess that I am a bit out of touch with the music scene but I think it is time for Moon Mullican and Zeb Turner to get some more air play. Having said that, there must be a radio station somewhere which plays this kind of music all day long anyway. I just had a look online and it appears that Rockabilly Radio does exist after all. Think I’ll wait for the cassette version to come out though, so that I can listen to it in my balloon.

Could we all be buying our stuff from Polish grocery stores in the future? If we move to Poland then we probably will but maybe they will move out and start to take over the rest of the world too. Guess I’ll need to get a taste for kasha and kluski.

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