Got to Get Some Sleep

Have you ever tried to type while your head feels like a giant tambourine which some cruel giant is bashing repeatedly? If so then you know exacty how I feel just now. My little girl is going through a phase of wakening up in the middle of night, which means that I am going through a phase of, you guessed it, wakening up in the the middle of the night. What ways could I find to give me a better night’s sleep?

Could I use hydroponics sytems to sleep more depely when I get the chance to do so? The idea of sleeping in water and being surrounded by plants is pretty enticing if I think about it. It might not be safest way of having a kip but I think that I could get used to it.

Have people ever tried sleeping in mail boxes? The best ones look very comfortable, if a little cramped. I suppose that the biggest risk is of waking up in the middle of the nght and stepping out of your comfy mail box and into thin air.

I have a feeling that bed extenders could be very handy if used them right. I reckon one fine idea would be to extend my bed so that it reaches downstair to the fridge. This way I could prepare the 3am bottle of milk without getting out of bed.  In fact, maybe I could go a step further and turn the whole house into a giant bed. Now why has no one thought of that before?

We went to a kid’s party with inflatable games the other day and they looked so comfortable that I was so tempted to lie down and go for a nap on the pirate castle one (do pirate’s even have castles?). If I got some inflatable play stuff out in the back garden then the little one could play on them in the day and I could sleep on them at night. It sounds like a fair deal to me.

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