Solutions for a Troublesome Dog

My dog, Bruno, is causing me some trouble these days. He doesn’t want to ever go out. This means that when I go downstairs every morning I find smelly little doggie surprises littered all over the house.

That was the bad news, the even worse news is that I couldn’t find my slippers this morning. Well, it doesn’t take a genius to work out where my right foot landed as I was on the way to the kettle. What could I do to stop this happening again in the future?

First off, I could look at bathroom partitions. These could be useful for dividing up the bathroom so that he has has own little toilet and bidet. Of course, getting him to use his pooch bathroom could be just as difficult as trying to get him to go outside. After all, why bother going to an en suite bathroom when the whole blooming house is your bathroom?

Maybe I could put folding cardboard boxes around the house each night before going to bed. There are only two possible problems with this cunning plan. Firstly, I would need to unfold the boxes for him, as I don’t imagine him doing this on his own. Secondly, the plan is kind of dependent upon him doing his stuff in one of the boxes instead of on the floor between them, which might not as clear to him as it sounds to us.

Perhaps a smarter plan is to tie a bag with wood shavings onto his back. These would then fall out as he walked around, automatically covering up the nasty deeds. This could be a terrific new product which finally makes me a millionaire.

If I buy some large dog crates could he live in one of them, or are they just for transport and stuff? I reckon he would be quite comfortable living in one of these crates, and it would be easy to take him outside.

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