Move Those Legs

Yes, it is finally time to consider a new exercise regime. I have one of those bikes which don’t go anywhere no matter how hard you pedal them (notvery in my case). It was good fun to use it at first but I am getting a bit bored of it now. How can I stay in shape and have some fun at the same time? What about in these rather strange ways.

I c0uld look for some new game room ideas I suppose. I used to have a snooker table and a darts board in my room when I was a kid. They were frankly rather boring games to play and over 10 years resulted in me burning off about 50 calories in total. This doesn’t sounds like the answer at all, does it?

If I used soft style shoes could I bounce about the place in a way which could burn off fat and tone up flabby leg muscles? It sounds hard to believe but I would urge you to look at the legs of anyone you see walk past with soft shoes on. I bet they are strong and toned.

Are Polly Pocket games good for a grown man who wants some exercise? I know the name of this (presumably) wholesome and fun character but I have no idea what they games could be about? Polly Pocket Paintball Kit? Polly Pocket Rocket Launcher and Grenade Mayhem Army Pack? If these games don’t exist then I think it is time to diversify the brand.

Dog strollers are probably great for exercising with. I say probably because I have no idea how this would work in real life. Would I be running alongside a stroller where my dog is sitting back and looking at me with a confused look on his face? It sounds like a weird form of exercise but it might work if I give it a try. It has got to be better than playing snooker and darts at home.

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