Try a Foreign Wedding for Fun

Have you ever been to a foreign wedding? I only ask because I have got an invite to one and I don’t really know what to expect. I just did some research with my friend Mr Google and it appears that in different countries there are wildly varying customs. From the bride wearing an apron which the guests fill with money to people beating the groom’s feet, the world of weddings shows us how diverse our customs across the planet are.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if we came up some ideas which everyone could use wherever they got married? Of course it would.

For a start, the lucky lady could put on some fuschia cowboy western boots for women and walk all over the groom as he says his vows. That’ll let him see what he’s in for and it will give us some tremendous entertainment as well. The service is usually the most boring bit so that will make it go with a swing for a change.

Instead of throwing rice and confetti at the recently married couple we could throw bonsai trees instead. This would be a symbol of their love being perfectly formed yet still growing, although I am sure some people miss this deep meaning and just enjoy whacking them on the head with tiny trees.

Actually, I have got a bit of a more sensible idea now. What about if the guests all had to turn up with symbols on their faces which have been painted in different paint colors? I am quite excited by this idea as I feel that it could revolutionise weddings across the world. Some guests could turn up with green for hope on their faces and others with red for luck or orange for, well, whatever orange is meant to mean.

I think I can safely say that middle aged uncles embarrassing themselves on the dance floor is a worldwide wedding phenomenon. To cure this ill I suggest getting traffic light suppliers to put set of lights on the dance floor entrance. After all, a middle aged uncle is never going to go through a red light, is he?

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