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Fuchsia Cowboy Western Boots for Women

Pioneering cowboys (and cowgirls) wore Wellingtons as footwear when they first “conquered” the West. Over the years, the Wellington-type footwear evolved into today’s cowboy boots. The high arches and fitting vamps are for more foot supports. The slung back heels allow a good grip of the stirrups. The tall shafts are protection against cacti, dirt, and probably animal bites!  Today, owning fuchsia cowboy western boots is fashionable for women.

  1. Cowboy Western Boots Women Fuchsia: What woman will not look “cool” in a pair of fuchsia colored cowboy western boots? Wearing a pair of cowboy boots is no longer confined to cowgirls. Owning a pair of fuchsia cowboy western boots is fashionable. You’re a certified fashionista when you pair cowboy boots with skinny jeans, short and long skirts, tights and leggings. Check out the fuchsia cowboy boots available on this site. (
  2. Women’s Ladies Fuchsia Shiny Fancy Sexy Sequins Cowboy Boots: Though the website indicates that this pair of cowboy boots is made especially for a rodeo, who cares! I would like to have my very own pair as it would be a fitting complement to my sequined skinny denim jeans! It’s a good thing it’s available in my size! (
  3. Fuchsia Rock Star Ferrini Boots: This 12-inches Fuchsia Rock Star boots, rock!  Though it’s not actually all fuchsia, the black leather accentuates the fuchsia inlay leather shaft. It’s square-toed, with a leather outsole with a double-stitched welt. This is suitable for those with B width. (
  4. Justin® Ladies’ AQHA Foundation Series Boots: This pair of boots is not exactly fuchsia as it’s more of dust rose cowhide. It has a 12-inches shaft, single-stitched welt and square toe.  Its unique feature is its removable orthotic insert that ensures comfort even when worn in long stretches of time.  (
  5. Justin® Ladies’ Gypsy Boots: It’s fuchsia alright but its shaft is only 8-inches and not 12. Who cares!  The cowhide is from Italy. The deep scallop design is quite nice. This type of cowboy boots would look great with a long and short skirt, a pair of jeans and shorts. It features a j-flex flexible comfort system® insole with an orthotic insert that is removable. Great huh? (
  6. Stetson Metallic Pink Cowgirl Boots- Square Toe: Metallic pink and distressed brown leather! What better way to be “pretty in pink”?  The 12-inches metallic pink shaft has nice and fancy stitches. The leather vamp is distressed. The toe is square, ensuring comfort even when worn all day long.  This pair is for the fashion-conscious cowgirls. (
  7. Ariat® Ladies’ Rodeobaby Bramble Boots: Hot pink is close enough to fuchsia pink. The med-length shaft is suede! The foot is of full grain leather with a fitting deco stitching on the vamp. The studs and colored stitching improve the looks of this cowboy boots for women. (
  8. Old Gringo Linda Lou: This pair of pink and brass cowboy boots for women is, expensive! Rightly so since it’s very supple leather upper with a leopard print overlay on the vamp and shaft is the epitome of class and quality. Its cushioned leather footbed and smooth leather lining afford great underfoot comfort.  Do I want one? You bet! (
  9. Sora Floral Embroidered Cowboy Bootie, Red/Violet: A floral embroidered red and violet cowboy boots for women? Gimme!  This is one unique boots! It’s not fuchsia but a combination of red and violet is “close” enough to fuchsia.  The distresses leather panels accent the embroidery on the boots.  I love it! I can wear a white shirt and denim pants to focus on the red embroidered boots. (
  10. Fuchsia Boots: Okay, so the boots presented here are not exactly cowgirl material but, they are fuchsia and they are boots (of sorts). For little and big girls, the various “boots” on this website are very affordable. (

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