Something Is In the Air

What’s that I smell in the air? I am not sure but I am just back from a trip of a few days and there is something funny in the air. Let’s see what I can do about it then.

What about buying some fuschia cowboy western boots for women in case my feet are the problem? Hang on a sec, though. Are these only for females? I like western style clothes, boots are great and fuschia isn’t a bad colour so why can’t I wear them as well? It is time to do away with this clothes based sexism and let men wear pink boots and let women wear the boring stuff we men need to put up with.

Could it be the alluring aroma of apple cider vinegar? I don’t think so but I would quite like to smell this stuff anyway. I am a fan of apple, I like the odd glass of cider and vinegar is a useful addition to many meals so I can’t see how the combination could possibly fail to hit the mark.

I wish it was the smell of lavender plants which I can sense around my house. We actually put some fragrance plants out back but between the hordes of rampaging ants, the drought, the floods and the fact I don’t ever water them I don’t think I will ever get to lie back and smell their sweet fragrance. Anyway, it is far better to buy an air freshener and get the aroma that way.

Could it be someone near me using an aroma rice cooker? Hmm, they are strangely attracted to rice around these parts but I must confess that I find it a bit too insipid for me to be able to eat a lot of it. Does it smell, though? I can’t remember ever sensing the aroma of rice and thinking that it is in some way distinctive. I guess I’ll need to make some now and smell it.

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