Time for Some Fun

Don’t you sometimes wish you throw off the shackles of everyday life (was that not a hip hop song?) and do something fun and weird? Oh go on, you know you want to.

Give me a fleet of vintage snowmobiles and I’ll show you a good time. It never, ever snows where I live now but I believe that they work equally well on mud. I have always fancied a go on a snowmobile or a snow plough (is there a difference?) and I am not getting to let a distinct lack of snow get in my way now.

You can have a lot of fun with seaweed products I guess. I have to grudgingly admit that my Dad was a pioneer in this respect. When I was a snotty nosed little kid he used to bring home seaweed which he had “sourced” from somewhere. Back in those days no one talked about the benefits of eating seaweed or using it in other ways so I had always thought that it was just him being weird and I avoided the stuff he brought home in a supermarket bag every week.

If only I had a weber grill I could errr grill things- Ah, but who or what is this weber ypou speak of? This is the key to the whole thing. I actually had a grill type contraption once and I would make some mean mushrooms on it. This was when I had no oven in my house and I ate grilled food every single blooming night. As you can imagine, I then stayed well clear of grills for a long time once I finally got an oven. Having said that, now could be the right time to rediscover the fun of grilling again.

A milk glass can also bring you some pleasure. I am in drinkable yoghurt in a big way right now and I could go for milk as well. The only problem with the yoghurt is the yoghurt moustache I keep forgetting to wipe off afterwards. I went to the dentists with one last week and now I fear that I need to look for a new dentist.

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