This list contains the top deals I've found for Seaweed Products. We have also written about Forest Products, Men Grooming Products and Bed and Bath Supplies.
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Seaweed Products

  1. Gualala Seaweed Products: The Gualala Seaweed Products are hand harvested by the owner, Donna Bishop, with total care and sound, and still in compliance with all California Fish and Game Seaweed Harvesting Regulations. Check out all their species and Health benefits here. (
  2. This is the FAO Fisheries Technical Paper on the Production, Trade and Utilization of Seaweeds and Seaweed Products here. If you were to enter Seaweed Industry, then you must read it and know all regulations and advices. (
  3. Orkney Seaweed Company: They are manufacturers of a large range of products based on liquid extraction from freshly harvested seaweed from the unpolluted waters off Orkney in Scotland. Visit their Product Overview here. (
  4. Irish Seaweeds: This is the formerly known as Dolphin Sea Vegetable Company. They offer only their 100% NATURAL hand harvested edible seaweeds and other seaweed products from Ireland. Also, they sell Sea Lettuce, Sweet Kelp, and Irish Wakame. (
  5. Voya: Check out Voya’s Seaweed Body Cream and High end Exfoliator here. These Products are made from All Natural raw Seaweed extracted to perfection. View all their Bath, and Facial cosmetics here. (
  6. Seaweed Ireland: Buy Seaweed online here at Seaweed Ireland. Check out all Health benefits of these Seaweeds here, including their Weight Loss Benefits, Detoxification, Seaweed Bath, and more. (
  7. Ri Na Mara: The Sea can be the source of Beauty for your skin. All of the aforementioned here can be found in marine Algae, which are the main active ingredients in RÍ NA MARA skin and body care range. Learn more about Ireland’s most popular Seaweeds and their Health Benefits. (
  8. Algaran: Shop for Algaran Seaweed Products here and avail organic Irish Seaweed Products for Health and Beauty from Donegal Ireland. View their entire list of Organic Sea Vegetables here. Also check out all by-products including Seaweed Cosmetics, Seaweed Soaps, Seaweed Remedies, and many more. (
  9. Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company: Various varieties of seaweed for eating as well as seaweed bath products, balms and salves here at Sea Vegetable Company. No online ordering — buy by calling or sending an email the online. (
  10. Maine Seaweed Company: Seaweed products here for sale that includes kelp, alaria, digitata, dulse, bladderwrack, nori and fertilizer seaweed. They can also make variety packs and custom blends. Order online now. (

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