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Woodcrafting Magazine

Whether you call it woodcrafting or woodworking, it involves working with wood! Sawing, carving, painting, planing, woodcrafting or woodworking is the “art” of making or crafting something out of wood. The art of woodcrafting dates back to Ancient Egypt. Though woodcrafting has evolved over the centuries, it remains a profitable business for professional woodworkers and  fulfilling “hobby” for hobbyists. Thanks to woodcrafting magazines, there are countless plans, inspirations and tips for woodcrafting projects.

  1. Fine Woodworking Magazine: This magazine is the top choice among woodworkers for beginners  and highly-skilled ones.  Costing $35.00 for a year’s subscription (7 issues) this magazine focuses on the best woodworking plans, techniques, tools and finishes for woodcrafters and readers. Each issue has practical tips and the plans are geared towards more seasoned woodworkers. It has a counterpart website for online articles and how-to videos. (
  2. Wood Magazine: Published by Better Homes and Gardens, this magazine is a great resource for honing your skills as a woodcrafter. The tips and plans are geared more towards beginners. Though this magazine is not as “polished” compared with other top woodcrafting magazine, the tips and project plans are quite solid. There’s at least one fold-out cutting project pattern.  Its counterpart website has links to woodworking plans and, tips and techniques. (
  3. Popular Woodworking Magazine: The magazine features weekly exclusive woodworking and woodcrafting advice, tips and tool reviews on top of various project plans that appeals to both advance and beginner woodcrafters. The magazine offers plenty of project plans each issue.  Some of the projects do require initial investment in specialized tools and machinery. A year’s subscription for 6 issues is at $19.96 only. (
  4. Woodcraft Magazine: This magazine deals more with fine home furniture and accessories. There are project plans for a quilt stand, an Adirondack chair, coffee table, wooden utensils, wooden music boxes and the likes.  If you don’t have a subscription you can always browse its website to buy and download a particular project plan. (
  5. ShopNotes Magazine: The people behind ShopNotes claim that they offer more woodworking plans, techniques and tools for the woodworking community. This magazine has been in publication since 1992 with each issue full of hands-on woodworking and woodcrafting information which are practical and detailed. There is a project plan for beginners and advance woodworkers. (
  6. Woodsmith Magazine: Woodsmith magazine has been in publication for the past 30 years. This is a magazine with full illustrations not only on furniture plans but on shop jigs, finishing techniques, tool news and tips.  The project plans featured here are detailed while how-to’s articles are practical and easy to follow. Woodsmith magazine has come up with books, videos, compilation of back-issues and an interactive website for the benefit of woodcrafters the world over. (
  7. Woodworker’s Journal: This magazine is for hobbyists and professional woodworkers.  The project plans, shop tips and jigs, general and specialized woodworking techniques are meant to enhance a woodworker’s skills. The projects are presented in easy-to-follow detailed steps with accompanying illustrations and photos. In each issue, subscribers are treated to a full-size pattern.  Articles on finishing, joinery, techniques, hardware and other new products are in the magazine. (
  8. American Woodworker: This magazine features project plans for advance, intermediate and beginner woodworkers. From Queen Anne footstool & Cabriole leg to wooden spring tongs, the projects are extensive. Each project plan is presented in details, with matching pictures and illustrations. Techniques and tips are written by experts to address common mistakes of woodworkers. Subscription is practical because print subscribers are given free access to its digital magazine. (
  9. Creative Woodworks and Craft: The project plans in this website deal more with small woodworking projects. However, each project is unique and exclusive. Though the intricate details of some of the project plans are quite intimidating, there are project plans for beginners too. Subscription for 8 issues is USD 29.97. (
  10. ScrollSaw Woodworking & Craft Magazine: This magazine is intended for woodworkers and owners of scroll saw woodworking tools. A scroll saw takes a lot of dedication and practice to master and the projects plans are inspirations for hobbyists and advance woodcrafters. Step-by-step instructions, tips & tools, techniques and patterns are featured in each issue.  Subscription for 4 issues is only USD19.95. (

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