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Picnic Table Plans

You wouldn’t want to have the picnic season during fall without your favorite picnic table. There are practically ludicrous picnic table plans out there playing in your minds which would sort of make the season full of expected fun and laughter. In case you would like to pursue this project on picnic tables, several websites address this concern about making personalized tables for the much awaited picnic season.

  1. Bob’s Plans – Should you decide to make your own picnic table, it won’t be as easy as you think. You would need the help of a plan. The site has a free plan with picture of the finished product. With basic hand tools, you can be sure you can follow the procedure and be able to make your own. (
  2. – They have a Do-it-yourself projects category which features a collection of DIY free woodworking plans to build garden picnic tables from woodworker related web sites. The woodworking information found on these sites has different range in quantity and quality. The best part is that the individual set of picnic table has a simple plan to follow; you can easily deal with this project in a week end. (
  3. Make a Picnic Table – No home or beach cottage is without a picnic table. The site tackles in detail the plan in making a picnic table. Like a food recipe, it starts with the materials to be used and then the procedure on how to go about it. It will only take a few bucks and a few hours to complete the project. You won’t find it difficult since the plan is as easy as concocting your favorite dish. (
  4. BackyardSpaces – The site has alphabetical listing of free plans for your outdoor areas’ woodworking projects. Their free picnic table plans include hexagon picnic table plans, kid’s picnic table plans and folding picnic table plans. A table made from these picnic table plans will be right at home in your outdoor room. The plans picnic tables include a graph to set up the angles making it unnecessary to buy an angle measuring device. They also have picnic plans for sale. You just click your choice when you want to purchase it. (
  5. Wayne of the Woods – You would benefit the free plans shown at this site. With only a handful of tools needed that are basically found in your workshop area, you can have that picnic table you desire which can last for years. The procedure laid in the plans is certainly easy to follow. You can even utilize those scraps laying in your backyard. You can feast your eyes on the picture of each step of the procedure. (
  6. HandyManWire – You will like the plan featured in this site for the picnic table you would want to have. As a project you can buy all the material for and build it in a day. Relatively simple and straight forward you can build a table that will last for decades. It is your choice to modify these plans to meet your needs. (
  7. RedWood –  You can download the PDF file of an excellent weekend project, this easy-to-build picnic table will soon become the focal point of your backyard. Beauty and durability of each table with easy to follow plan will ensure countless summers filled with barbecues, picnics and outdoor parties. The site has plans that are easy to work with, which you can add to your outdoor living with ‘how-to’ help and diagrams for every step. You are absolutely on the right path where your project is concerned as these plans have been tried and tested. (
  8. BuildEazy – This is a site consisting mainly of our own free original woodworking plans and building projects designed for the Do-It-Yourselfer. All the plans and projects within the site are authored by the site owner. You would not be lost in following because all plans and articles are written using both the imperial (ft and inch) measuring system, and the metric (mm) measuring system. The aim is for the site to be as universally understandable as possible. (
  9. Dave’s Shop Talk – A beginner like you should check out this site. Their woodworker picnic table plans help you build your own outdoor furniture. These wood working plans include drawings of the side and end elevation showing dimensions. The plans have a List of Materials, showing a breakdown of materials needed for the picnic table, as well as a list of the tools needed. The Instructions include the sizes of pieces to cut; how to layout the parts of the gable end of the picnic table. This is really a simple plan for the beginner woodworker. (
  10. Free Woodworking Plans – You will get to discover some outdoor table plans for your recreational activities. They help you in setting up a breakfast table outside, or a table for a picnic or for playing games. They are very useful and durable enough to be used in an outdoor environment. The site has for you to browse on many picnic table plans and patio table plans. (
  11. Lazy Nation – As the name of the site suggests, you would not be interested to read on because of the subject’s detailed information. All about octagon picnic table plans which are necessary for you to build a picnic table that is quite extraordinary and stands out from the usual picnic tables commonly seen in parks and beaches, the work seems an enormous task to complete. With a site that’s really giving you an article long tips and guide, you may wonder if you push through with your project. (

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