Life in the Fast Lane

I am thinking of buying a new car.  I am not so bothered what type of vehicle it is. I would just like one which is younger than me for a change.

Let’s see what’s out there first, shall we?

Shall I buy a car covered in fluorescent paint? It sounds like a good idea when I want to get noticed but since this is almost never then I guess that it isn’t really all that great an idea after all. Actually, what I rather like the sound of is a car with invisible paint on it. I realise that the police might not like this idea but I promise to honk my horn a lot so that people know where I am. Plus, how could the cops ever expect to catch me anyway?

I once saw a film about an old guy who travelled across the US (or at least a long way) on a ride on  lawnmower, Could electric lawn mowers be my new vehicles of choice? Actually, maybe I dreamt about the film as I don’t really remember anything else about it. I don’t think I’ll be driving a mower any time soon but if that old guy is still travelling he could maybe come here and cut my grass for me.

Does one need a motorcycle in order to use one’s motorcycle trailers? This may be obvious for anyone who routinely wears leather on the commute to work but I don’t have a clue about such things. I would like to travel in a trailer but if I am being honest I am not so keen on the motorcycle part. Pehaps I could use my trailer on downhill sections and just push it the rest of the way. It’s not ideal though, is it?

What I really need is to find some Hyundai dealers I guess. I used to own a Hyundai years ago and I quite enjoyed it. I wonder if it is still kicking around and if the new owner ever found that kit kat I dropped down the back of the driver’s seat in 2001.

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