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Fluorescent Paint

Fluorescent paint exists because of its reaction to long wave ultra violet radiation called black light. This means that this kind of paint has pigment that is sensitive to UV which absorbs black light to give off a visible light in return. Its application is very in demand in the entertainment industry as it can be used to create black light effects which include invisible images, dual images, day–night transitions, and 3-D effects.

  1. – The site is helpful if you intend to apply the DIY method to come up with your own fluorescent paint. The step-by-step procedure allows the creativity in you to mix through without the scary effort as it also comes up with tips and warning. DIY is for people who have tight budget as fluorescent paint can really be expensive. One advantage is that you can make adjustments if you would want modification in color or the glow it produces. (
  2. Nextag – You have a wide and varied selection of fluorescent paint. If at all you are in haste to look for what you want you can sort the selection yourself to browse only the ones that suit your needs. You also get a clear description of an item as you click it and the price is visibly tagged on the side. One good customer service is you can opt to keep the item of your choice in your online radar so that when it becomes available you are kept posted. (
  3. The Home Depot – The site is likened to a catalog due to its systematic presentation of the items. The search comes easy and simple as it also comes with clear description of each item to match with your specifications. It is shipped free of charge as long as your order reaches $45. You can even do comparison online to see how each item differs from the other and find the one which is close to your specification. Things are made simpler and easier and before you know you already have the perfect one of your choice. (
  4. Krylon – The fluorescent paint are engineered to dry quickly and with great finish for that great visible look. You get to see project ideas suited for the kind of fluorescent paint and there is also a section to see expert advice. The site generously gives all the necessary information including the materials by which the fluorescent paint can be applied smoothly. Any output can be as brilliant as the idea of choosing this site. (
  5. Rosco – The site is exclusively for Rosco products including fluorescent paint in 9 color chips which appear brighter than normal colors and fluoresce clearly when subjected to ultra violet lights creating special and exciting effects. The site guides you as to its use and application including the materials by which these colors perfectly work. You also get the store locations where you can purchase the paint. Rosco fluorescent paint can give you astounding 3-D effects. (
  6. Fluorescent Paint Graffiti – To see how you can make your creativity be put into light, see this video where black light activates fluorescent paint to do graffiti. Fluorescent paint can do much to give exact details to your creative work of art. It is very easy and simple to use giving you a free hand to translate your creative imagination into a visible work. (
  7. Causes of Colors – To better understand fluorescence, the site is giving of detailed information on how it goes, how the light is immediately release in seconds unlike the other type. There is also a very informative explanation on its many uses which we see in our everyday living from the astounding road signs to the glow –in-the-dark stars which the kids enjoy at bedtime in their bedrooms. Fluorescent paint has also its use drawing your attention in some entertainment application which never fails to make you watch in awe with all the exciting effects which it produced. Document highlighter is another example which helps you to be glued to the emphasized important points in a certain important document. Finally you have your light bulb which illuminates your home, one great use you never would want to skip. Why and how fluorescence works is the vital information the site has in store for you. (
  8. Black Light – The site features work by clients who are satisfied by their fluorescent paints. This is to show you how versatile their fluorescent paints are. The colors can be blended for a desired effect. If you are lucky you may be able to get a free item when purchasing the minimum pints corresponding to the offer. With the site colorfully designed you seem to get more for what you pay for when it comes to value as these colors can be washed unlike others and can be applied on fabric too. (
  9. – The wide selection lets you shop in certainty to find that which approximately suits your requirement. It is a tedious task though, doing the search but keeping an eye on your specific needs will surely guide you through specially that they also clearly describe each item. The price comes with it on the side so you also can keep track on your budget requirement. (
  10. Bizrate – Apart from the important information such as the product description and the price, you are given information also on what store can buy a particular fluorescent paint. You will also be informed on the shipping fee and some discount coupons available. (

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