This list contains the top deals I've found for Plug-In Fluorescent Light. We have also written about Fluorescent Light Fixtures, Fluorescent Light Diffusers and Fluorescent Light Diffusers.
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Plug-In Fluorescent Light

  1. Plug In Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs at Light Bulbs Direct: Plug-In Fluorescent Light Bulbs, also called Plug-In CFL light bulbs, are used in a wide variety of applications. Plug-In Fluorescents are most commonly used in can lights, sconces, and accent lighting. Specially designed Plug-In CFL light bulbs are also used in high-end reading and task lamps. This Site offers Plug-In Fluorescent Lights that can be buy at wholesale. (
  2. Plug-In Fluorescent Light Bulbs at Rona: Rona is an online store for those who are looking for Plug-In Fluorescent Light Bulbs, and other lighting and electricity products. Refine your results according to brand name. (
  3. Under Cabinet Fluorescent at Aubuchon Hardware: An online store for all your hardware and electrical needs. View these plug-in under cabinet fluorescent lamps here. You can compare them with their other prices. Buy now and add them to your online cart. (
  4. Compact Fluorescent Plug-In Light Bulbs at CFL bulbs can help you save money and the environment.  Shop now  at and you can even save yourself a little time. They offer a large selection of CFL plug-in replacement bulbs for residential, commercial and industrial application. (
  5. Fluorescent Plug-In Lights at The Find: Check out their 737 stores with 13,877 products that includes Fluorescent Plug-In Lights here at The Find. Sort your results according to new arrivals, highest price, and lowest price. (
  6. Plug-In (Bayonet) Fluorescent Lights at DIYnot: A blog site for ELectrical Appliances enthusiasts in UK. View their topic and participate in their forum. (
  7. Good Earth Lighting, Inc. G9733P-T5-WHES-I 34-1/2-Inch Plug-In Fluorescent Light Fixture, White at Amazon: Check out this earth-friendly fluorescent light fixture here at Amazon. Still in stock, so buy it now and add it to your online cart.  (
  8. Plug-In Compact Fluorescent Lights at Plug-in compact fluorescent bulbs of varying sizes and shapes, including 2-pin, 4-pin, and twist-and-lock coil lights. (
  9. Plug-In Fluorescent Lighting at Pegasus Associates: Find under-cabinet fixtures and other lighting that use fluorescent bulbs and plugs in. This page includes various fluorescent fixtures—for plug-in fluorescent fixtures, see “Microfluorescent T4 Fixtures”, “Fluorescent T5 Low-Profile Fixtures” and “Fluorescent T5 Swivel Sticks.” (
  10. Plug-In Fluorescent Lights at Find a range of plug-in fluorescent lights here, from plug-in tube fluorescent fixtures to smaller GE two-pin and four-pin compact fluorescent bulbs. Brands include General Electric, Bulborama, Good Earth Lighting, GE Lighting Specialty and more. (

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